Hi to all our Tadcrafters’ volunteers and supporters,

I know that our busy volunteers do loads of things to support us that don’t even get mentioned in these newsletters, so looking below at this month’s list of our activities and donations you must be ready for a rest.  Somehow I think that’s unlikely, but at least please take a few minutes’ break to catch up on all our news.

This is a summary of what we’ve achieved together in the last month:

  • 8 worry monsters to the Barn for children’s workers supporting local refugee children
  • 79 knitted poppies to the Royal British Legion in Tadcaster
  • 299 “gently worn” bras sent to Smalls for All
  • November drop-in session, in Tadcaster
  • Knitted poppy panels added to the war memorial for Remembrance Day
  • November workshop session, TadGrafters
  • 7 blankets and patchwork quilts given to Martin House Children’s Hospice
  • First attempt at honey extraction
  • Knitted poppy panels displayed by the War Memorial for Remembrance Day
  • 35 personal effects bags to St. Leonard’s Hospice
  • Cheque received for £150 from Co-op in Sherburn-in-Elmet
  • Delivery to Spirit of Christmas- 145 Christmas stockings, 26 children’s hat and scarf sets, 49 additional hats, 74 drawstring bags for their banana box project
  • Delivery to Selby District Food Bank- 60 Christmas stockings, 10 adult hat and scarf sets, and an additional 10 hats.
  • 16 feminine hygiene kits to Malawi
  • Hedgehog lodge to Project Wild CIC
  • One more qualified Mental Health First Aider
  • Hedge planted at the Quaker Burial Ground
  • November drop-in session, Sherburn
  • Tadcrafters Christmas tree decorated for the Methodists Christmas Tree Festival on 27-28th November
  • Supporting Yorkits’s fundraising event
  • Tombola stall at Tadcaster Christmas Market


The Tadcrafters Christmas tree at the Methodist’s Christmas Tree Festival 27-28th November

 Beekeeping Group Update

A few of the Bee Group met with Priscilla, who had kindly offered to let us use her honey extractor to extract the honey from the small number of frames we had removed from the hives.  Although we only had a small amount to work with it was useful to go through the process so we know what we are doing next year.  We managed to get quite a few jars, including some very cute small jars, so there should be at least one jar for all our Bee Group when we next meet.  We also got very sticky!

There will be a few jobs to do in December and January, with some treatments to keep our bees healthy and a quick check to make sure they have enough food.

If you would like to join us please send your details via the Tadcrafters email –Sara


 Sherburn Crafters Update

The Sherburn group is continuing to be well supported and we are enjoying making our contributions to the good causes by getting involved in a wide variety of projects.

We have one remaining meeting for 2021 on 17th December and we have recently booked the Old Girls School to continue the meetings into 2022 on the 3rd Friday of the month – January 21st, February 18th and March 18th – 11am to 1pm drop in sessions. Please make a note in your 2022 diaries!  I should like to thank everyone for their support in 2021 – I am delighted that we have  successfully restarted the Sherburn group.-Karen

 TadGrafters Wood-working Group Update

This month we have donated a hedgehog lodge to Project Wild Community Interest Company, a not-for-profit social enterprise dedicated to addressing declining biodiversity and mental illness by engaging people with the natural world in the local area. You may have seen adverts for their free Enable-Sustain-Thrive course based in Tadcaster for adults to gain new, transferrable skills and find out more about the sustainability industry. For more information see their website https://projectwildcic.com/est/

The Grafters will be meeting next on Weds 15th December from 4-6pm at The Barn.  We are a small group for safety reasons but we usually have spare places if anyone would like to pop down to see what we do. We have plenty of equipment, so you only need to bring yourself. If you have not been before or for a while please let us know by email to expect you in case there’s a change of plan, you will be very welcome.

 Gardening Group update

We applied to the Woodland Trust earlier in the year for some native hedging plants for the Quaker Burial Ground. Our application was accepted and the bareroot saplings arrived just before the weather was due to take a turn for the worse so there was a rush to get them planted as soon as possible. Many thanks to Sue, Dave and Briony who came along at very short notice. The 60 saplings, a mixture of hawthorn, hazel, crab apple, dog rose and dogwood are all now planted, supported and protected. -Sue

The Quaker Burial Ground looking really well cared for


 TadCrafters Group Update

An extra-special thank you to the 4 volunteers who came along and supported Lynne and me in the freezing cold at the Christmas Market.  It makes such a huge difference to us to be able to have a short break on such a long day.  We had an excellent day and cleared around 6 boxes of tombola items raising funds to allow us to continue to help so many people. We really appreciate it when volunteers step forward to make the hours we put in a little shorter or easier.

Smalls for All: We started the year with an overall total of 2394 bras collected, and finished with 2902.  After a year of continuing ups and downs that is an amazing amount, and much appreciated – Thank you! Especially thanks to Anne D, Eunice, and Jane S, Jackie (Shap Community Shop Cumbria), Joanne and Vicky (Hands on Hair and Beauty Leeds), Barbara (NB Hair Design Wetherby). Sorry to anyone from Tadcrafters, Yorkits or the Sherburn group I have missed you know who you are and every bra counts. Thanks again!- Lynne

The next TadCrafters drop-in session, will be on Tuesday 14th December 10am to 3pm at The Barn in Tadcaster, as usual. The Christmas projects should all be in now but we can still find plenty of worthwhile projects for everyone to work on whether you choose to stay for a while or just pick up some supplies to take home with you.

For a full list of all our current projects and where to find instructions please see the list towards the end of this newsletter.


 Other news

As you can see from the long list of things we have achieved in the last month, it’s difficult to try to keep the newsletter fairly short, but l do try.

Thanks to the last of our Community Fund Covid 19 Response funding we have now another trained Mental Health first-aider, Sue T, within our group. She has already been able to put her knowledge to good use which shows how valuable it can be.

Thanks to Jennifer, who nominated us, we received a cheque for £150 from the Co-op in Sherburn-in-Elmet which will go a long way towards buying polyester/cotton fabric for the Christmas stockings and also the heart cushions & drain bags for the breast surgery ward at St. James’ Hospital. Despite receiving lots of donations of fabric, sometimes we need to purchase particular qualities of fabric for specific projects so this funding is very much appreciated.

Su receiving the cheque from the Co-Op and the poppies by the War Memorial

We have already delivered over 200 Christmas stockings and lots of hats and scarves to both Spirit of Christmas and to Selby District Food Bank, however, there will be more to deliver next week. Both organisations are really appreciative and have asked me to pass on their thanks to our volunteers. “We really appreciate all the hard work that goes into making the hats, scarves and stockings and I’m sure they will be gratefully received again this year. Please pass our thanks to all your crafters. Warmest regards, Cheryl” (Selby District Food Bank)


List of Current TadCrafters projects 

We welcome anyone new who would like to join us but ask you to please stick to our current projects as other items can be hard to find homes for. We need to focus on a few projects at a time so we can support everyone, maintain our standards and supply items that are wanted by worthy causes, in appropriate quantities.  We are able to supply materials locally for free at our drop-in sessions and instructions are provided by email or the links if provided below; if you need help, please ask!

Sewing– supplied in kit form at the drop-off sessions

  • Worry Monsters for Children’s Services and local schools
  • Drawstring book bags for the Banana box toy project
  • Personal effects bags for hospice patients and bereaved families
  • YorKits liners, shields and drawstring bags for feminine hygiene kits
  • Heart-shaped cushions and drain bags for breast surgery patients

Knitting/crochet– yarn available at the drop-off sessions

Other projects

  • If you can’t knit or sew there are non-sewing tasks such as threading drawstrings and decorating twiddlemuffs that are really useful to the team, please ask.
  • Picking-up/dropping-off supplies for people who are unable to make the sessions. Team up with someone who cannot drive or has other commitments on session days.
  • Join our wood-work, gardening, or bee-keeping groups.


Wish list and other ways to help

We are really short of storage space so please try to stick as close as possible to our wish list.

  • New or clean, nearly new polyester/cotton or other lightweight woven fabric
  • New or clean, nearly new winceyette (brushed cotton) sheets/fabric
  • New or nearly new knitting yarn. Any colour or weight
  • Items, especially hand-crafted ones, suitable for our tombola stalls
  • Gently worn” bras and new pants for “Smalls for All” http://smallsforall.org/
  • Please share our social media posts and encourage others to join in.
  • If you would like to make a financial donation/direct debit to help us do what we do you can do so on the Local Giving website which can be found at: https://localgiving.org/tadcrafters
  • Sign up to Easyfundraising to raise money for us at no extra cost to you when you shop online, https://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/tadcrafterscic/
  • Vintage fabric, equipment and haberdashery (see below)
  • Any items not suitable or surplus to our own use we sell to people who really appreciate them, whilst also raising funds for our projects.


Keep in touch

If you need to get in touch with us, and need a response, please use email. This is to protect your personal details and because conversations on social media become lost. Someone will get back to you but it might not be straight away due to other commitments. The Tadcrafters Chat Group or Sherburn Tadcrafters Chat Group is a great way to keep in touch with each other and be inspired. You can also follow the Tadcrafters Page on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@Tadcrafters).

To be put on the emailing list/s (wherever you live) please request it by emailing tadcrafters@outlook.com  and add us to your list of contacts so we don’t end up in the junk. There are usually only one or two emails a month.

If you would like to be kept up to date about any of the specific group activities please email us and ask to be put on the relevant group mailing list and your email will be forwarded to the group leader.

See you soon, and have a wonderful Christmas break, Su.

Directors Tadcrafters CIC: Su Morgan, Lynne Howard and Sandra Levitt

Date Event Time


Tues 14th Dec Drop-in workshop session 10am- 3pm The Barn
Weds 15th Dec TadGrafters 4-6pm The Barn
Fri 17th Dec Sherburn Crafters 11-1pm Sherburn Old Girls School
Tues 11th Jan Drop-in workshop session 10am- 3pm The Barn
Weds 12th Jan TadGrafters 4-6pm The Barn
21st Jan Sherburn Crafters 11-1pm Sherburn Old Girls School
Fri Sat 29th Jan Yorkits workshop 10am-12pm Manor Academy, Poppleton
Tues 8th Feb Drop-in workshop session 10am- 3pm The Barn
Weds 9th Feb TadGrafters 4-6pm The Barn
Fri 18th Feb Sherburn Crafters 11-1pm Sherburn Old Girls School
Sat 26th Feb Yorkits workshop 10am-12pm Manor Academy, Poppleton
Tues 8th Mar Drop-in workshop session 10am- 3pm The Barn
Weds 9th Mar TadGrafters 4-6pm The Barn
Thurs 10th Mar Yorkits workshop TBC York Minster
Fri 18th Mar Sherburn Crafters 11-1pm Sherburn Old Girls School
Sat 26th Mar Yorkits workshop 10am-12pm Manor Academy, Poppleton

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