Hi to all our Tadcrafters’ volunteers and supporters,

We’ve had quite a few ups and downs over the last few weeks including some difficult news so we hope you are all looking after yourselves well. Our volunteers have produced and done lots of amazing things as ever, and we have received an awful lot of donations from some very kind people, including a lady in Dundee. Our Christmas projects are in full swing and we are looking forward to seeing as many people as possible at our stall at the Tadcaster Christmas Market on 28th.

This is a summary of the last month:    

  • 17 worry monsters and 19 hand puppets to “Knit for Nowt”
  • 10 banners to Stitches for Survival
  • October drop-in session
  • TadGrafters and PAT testing session
  • Spoke to Sarah Irwin live on Radio York about TadApple Day
  • 50 bags to St. Leonard’s Hospice
  • 10 snufflemats to RSPCA in York
  • Gardening at the Quaker burial ground
  • TadApple Day
  • Sherburn drop-in session
  • 69+ knitted poppies to British Legion in Tadcaster
  • Yorkits workshop session in Poppleton

 TadCrafters Group Update

The next TadCrafters drop-in session, will be on Tuesday 9th November 10am to 3pm at The Barn in Tadcaster, as usual. We are hoping to be able to collect in the Christmas projects so they can go off to the Selby food Bank and Spirit of Christmas in time to be distributed to families that need them, and start to get the tombola ready for the Christmas Market at the end of November.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed prizes, especially the crafty ones, and particularly to Pauline who has come up trumps again this year and contributed a huge amount, but it’s a big stall and we hope to be able to stay busy throughout the long day so we can cope with plenty more. If you’d like to make Christmas tree decorations these would be particularly welcome, especially if we are able to have a tree at the Methodist’s annual display.

What an amazing month it has been for collecting “gently worn” bras. In October we took delivery of 172 bras, that’s the largest amount collected in a single month since February 2017 at 160 bras. Thank you- Lynne

New projects include worry worms and hearts to support a new venture based in the Selby/York area, Flying Feathers Family Wellbeing and Relaxation.  Their aim is to support families to weave well-being into the heart of family life and aim to offer free resources and events to families based around well-being. They are looking to hand out our worry worms and little hearts to families at the events. To find out more about the organisation you can look at their Facebook page:


New projects:  Crocheted worry worms and knitted hearts to help families tackle anxiety

For a full list of all our current projects and where to find instructions please see the list towards the end of this newsletter.

Karolina, from “Warm and Well” will be coming to visit during the session to answer any queries you might have about energy bills. She can give advice on how to save money on energy costs, or how to get help with minor repairs or access a Hardship Fund for those in urgent need.  She can also arrange home visits to advise on how to make your home warmer and more energy efficient. The Warm and Well project is managed by Citizens Advice and funded by North Yorkshire County Council.

The Yorkits team are up and running again.  Their first workshop was in October but the next one won’t be until January as they are having a fundraising event on November 27th and always have a break in December.  Workshops will be held at Manor Academy (Manor CE Secondary School) just off the ring road near Poppleton, except the big event at York Minster on Thursday 10th March. To be kept in touch email yorkitsrotaryainsty@gmail.com and ask to be put on their mailing list.

If you are passing York Theatre Royal pop into the cafe/bar and take a look at the magnificent York Scrubs Quilt which is on display in the foyer area.   It consists of almost 200 individual squares designed and lovingly sewn by the York Scrubs team (including from Tadcrafters). The Theatre is hosting the quilt until the start of the pantomime season in December. Sometime in  January 2022 it will move to the main corridor of York Hospital.

 Beekeeping Group Update

As we expected October was a quiet month for the Bee Group as our bees started to wind down for winter. We have already given the hives some treatment against Varoa and we are getting to grips with some of the official part of our beekeeping. This includes a risk assessment for the group as well as recording our hives on the Defra bee website (Nationalbeeunit.com) also known as Beebase. This is also a really useful source for beginner beekeepers.

We will be meeting in November to extract our honey and hope to arrange a short talk from Andy, our bee expert. We will email the group with further details. If you would like to be added to the list please email tadcrafters@outlook.com to forward your details to me. -Sara

 TadGrafters Wood-working Group Update

The Grafters will be meeting next on Weds 10th November from 4-6pm at The Barn. Unfortunately Craig has had to leave us due to work commitments and we are very sad to see him go but thank him for helping us to get the group up and running. I hope we can persuade him to come back if his circumstances change.   The grafters have indicated they would like to continue and we will do our best to see that this can happen.  We usually have spare places if anyone would like to join us and plenty of equipment, although we will be more reliant on volunteers to decide on projects and communicate with each other. If you have not been before or for a while please let us know by email to expect you, you will be very welcome.

 Gardening Group update

The gardening group has met at the Quaker Burial Ground a couple of times in October in order to prepare the area above the retaining walls for a native mixed hedgerow to be planted during November. The area has been transformed with the removal of stumps and extensive roots and is now ready for the arrival of the saplings from the Woodland Trust.

TadApple Day resulted in some delicious apple juice after a lot of energetic chopping, scratting and pressing. It amazing how many different flavours were produced from the varieties of apples brought to The Barn.

If you are not already a member of the gardening group and would like to be involved in future plans please email tadcrafters@outlook.com so you can be kept informed. – Sue

PXL_20211017_102144426 (1)

Some apple-chopping ready for scratting and pressing


 Sherburn Crafters Update

We had a really successful event in Sherburn on 22nd October. It was well attended and everyone enjoyed the informal and friendly atmosphere. We finished off quite a large pile of poppies, stuffed worry monsters and cut out material for new projects. Quite a productive session!. The next Sherburn sessions will be at the Old Girls’ School from 11am to 1pm on Fridays November 26th and December 17th and we hope to continue into the new year too.- Karen

 Other news

It is with great sadness that we heard about the death of Stefanie last week.  She has been with us since the very start of Tadcrafters, and was always an enthusiastic participant and a friendly face.  Although one of the oldest members of the team, she was very popular with volunteers of all ages.  She was already a second mum to Sandra H and became the best of friends with Bev through Tadcrafters; we always enjoyed hearing about their holidays and adventures together. Our best wishes go to them, and Stefanie’s family.  We will all miss her.


Stefanie at the Yorkits workshop session at The Minster, working hard but enjoying herself despite the cold temperature.

SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS have invited us to the Abbots Staithe in Selby where they annually hold a Christmas Toy Shoppe for children and families from underprivileged backgrounds. They would love to show you around the shoppe and also show you the other projects that they are involved in. November 18th from 10am-3pm. https://www.spiritofchristmas.org.uk/

We are delighted to announce that we have been given a small grant from the Co-op that we will use to buy polyester/cotton fabric that we can use on Christmas stockings and on the heart cushions for St. James’.  Although inundated with heavier weight fabric we sometimes run short of suitable fabric for these sorts of projects so this was a very timely award.

This is a 2.5 minute video commissioned by Selby District Council to highlight the range of activities and volunteering opportunities available in Tadcaster.  You might recognise quite a few faces! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YCqZ0X-Ix3g&t=1s

List of Current TadCrafters projects 

We welcome anyone new who would like to join us but ask you to please stick to our current projects as other items can be hard to find homes for. We need to focus on a few projects at a time so we can support everyone, maintain our standards and supply items that are wanted by worthy causes, in appropriate quantities.  We are able to supply materials locally for free and instructions are provided by email or the links if provided below; if you need help, please ask!

Sewing– supplied in kit form at the drop-off sessions

  • Worry Monsters for Children’s Services and local schools
  • Drawstring book bags for the Banana box toy project
  • Personal effects bags for hospice patients and bereaved families
  • YorKits liners, shields and drawstring bags for feminine hygiene kits
  • Heart-shaped cushions and drain bags for breast surgery patients

Knitting/crochet– yarn available at the drop-off sessions

Other projects

  • If you can’t knit or sew there are non-sewing tasks such as threading drawstrings and decorating twiddlemuffs that are really useful to the team, please ask.
  • Picking-up/dropping-off supplies for people who are unable to make the sessions. Team up with someone who cannot drive or has other commitments on session days.
  • Join our wood-work, gardening, or bee-keeping groups.

Wish list and other ways to help

We are really short of storage space so please try to stick as close as possible to our wish list.

  • New or clean, nearly new polyester/cotton or other lightweight woven fabric
  • New or clean, nearly new winceyette (brushed cotton) sheets/fabric
  • New or nearly new knitting yarn. Any colour or weight
  • Items, especially hand-crafted ones, suitable for our tombola stalls
  •  “Gently worn” bras and new pants for “Smalls for All” http://smallsforall.org/
  • Please share our social media posts and encourage others to join in.
  • If you would like to make a financial donation/direct debit to help us do what we do you can do so on the Local Giving website which can be found at: https://localgiving.org/tadcrafters
  • Sign up to Easyfundraising to raise money for us at no extra cost to you when you shop online, https://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/tadcrafterscic/
  • Vintage fabric, equipment and haberdashery (see below)
  • Any items not suitable or surplus to our own use we sell to people who really appreciate them, whilst also raising funds for our projects.

Keep in touch

If you need to get in touch with us, and need a response, please use email. This is to protect your personal details and because conversations on social media become lost. Someone will get back to you but it might not be straight away due to other commitments. The Tadcrafters Chat Group or Sherburn Tadcrafters Chat Group is a great way to keep in touch with each other and be inspired. You can also follow the Tadcrafters Page on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@Tadcrafters). 

To be put on the emailing list/s (wherever you live) please request it by emailing tadcrafters@outlook.com  and add us to your list of contacts so we don’t end up in the junk. There are usually only one or two emails a month.

If you would like to be kept up to date about any of the specific group activities please email us and ask to be put on the relevant group mailing list and your email will be forwarded to the group leader.

See you soon, Su.

Directors Tadcrafters CIC: Su Morgan, Lynne Howard and Sandra Levitt


Tues 9th NovDrop-in workshop session10am- 3pmThe Barn
Weds 10th NovTadGrafters4-6pmThe Barn
Fri 26th NovSherburn Crafters11-1pmSherburn Old Girls School
Sun 28th NovTombola Stall10am – 4pmTadcaster Christmas Market, Kirkgate
Tues 14th DecDrop-in workshop session10am- 3pmThe Barn
Weds 15th DecTadGrafters4-6pmThe Barn
Fri 17th DecSherburn Crafters11-1pmSherburn Old Girls School
Tues 11th JanDrop-in workshop session10am- 3pmThe Barn
Weds 12th JanTadGrafters4-6pmThe Barn
28 Jan TBCSherburn Crafters11-1pmSherburn Old Girls School
Fri Sat 29th JanYorkits workshop10am-12pmManor Academy, Poppleton
Tues 8th FebDrop-in workshop session10am- 3pmThe Barn
Weds 9th FebTadGrafters4-6pmThe Barn
Fri 25th Feb TBCSherburn Crafters11-1pmSherburn Old Girls School
Sat 26th FebYorkits workshop10am-12pmManor Academy, Poppleton
Tues 8th MarDrop-in workshop session10am- 3pmThe Barn
Weds 9th MarTadGrafters4-6pmThe Barn
Thurs 10th MarYorkits workshopTBCYork Minster
Fri 25th Mar TBCSherburn Crafters11-1pmSherburn Old Girls School
Sat 26th MarYorkits workshop10am-12pmManor Academy, Poppleton

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