The new academic year is now in full swing and although the weather has been pretty mild recently there are definitely the signs of autumn on its way, in particular all those lovely apples just hanging around waiting to be made into lovely apple juice on TadApple Day (Sunday 17th October).  All our groups are busy with lots of activities at the moment so if you are not already involved with something now would be a good time to start.

You can skip straight to the bit you are interested in if you are short of time but if you have 5 minutes please read on to find out what we did last month and all our plans coming up.

  • Unveiling of Community Patchwork and Tombola stall at Super SaTADay
  • Certificate of Recognition received in the Selby District Shining Star Awards
  • 100 heart-shaped cushions and 100 matching drain bags to St. James’
  • 65 banana box book bags and 25 small drawstring bags donated to Spirit of Christmas.
  • Tadcrafters September workshop session
  • TadGrafters September workshop session
  • QBG planning meeting and start of scarifying
  • Community Patchwork installed at The Barn
  • Featured in SDC promotional video on social media
  • Completion of ground preparation at QBG
  • Wildflower seeds planted at QBG with Dan form Woodmeadow Trust
  • Gardening at the Primary Academy
  • Hives opened and inspected for the first time by Sara and David
  • Beekeepers group meetings
  • Sherburn September workshop session

 TadCrafters Group Update

The first 10-3 drop-in session went really well in September and it was lovely to see lots of new and familiar faces.

The next TadCrafters drop-in session, will be on Tuesday 12th October 10am to 3pm at The Barn in Tadcaster, as usual. We are hoping to be able to start the Christmas stocking project/s and finish off the poppies for the British Legion appeal this year, amongst other projects. If you have any Christmassy fabric you would like to find a new home for please bring it along.

We have plenty of blankets and shawls at the moment so we are focussing on making matching hat and scarf sets to give to local food banks and to Spirit of Christmas that support families who are struggling more at this time of year.  These can either be used as gifts or to keep people warm if they need them. More information about this great organisation can be found at

If you fancy doing something else, we’d love lots of crafty (or other) items for the Tombola stall at the Tadcaster Christmas Market at the end of November. Despite having loads of prizes, we ran out at the last one as we were so popular (and Lynne chucks out lots of the duff tickets!!) Little knitted Christmas stockings and chocolate orange covers go down particularly well.

10 COP26 bannershave now been sewn together and will be donated to the Stitches for Survival organisation to help create a 1.5 mile “scarf” shortly. This to remind world leaders of the importance of agreeing ways to ensure a 1.5 oC maximum rise in global temperature at the COP26 Conference in Glasgow in November.  Look out for them in the news reports.

Ruth from Healthwatch North Yorkshire will be calling into the October session to hear your experiences and ideas about local health and care for people in Selby District, if you wish to share them with her, anonymously.

After a long break, the York Yorkits team will be starting their Saturday sessions again, this time  at Manor Academy, Poppleton, beginning on Saturday 30th October 10am-12pm then afterwards not until the new year, but will be running the International Women’s day event at the Minster in March.

For a full list of all our current projects please see the list towards the end of this newsletter.

One of our banners for the COP26 project

 Beekeeping Group Update

There were a few things we needed to do with our bees before the darker and cooler days set in, one of which was to harvest some honey.  So we inspected the hives taking away just a few frames of honey to get the experience of our first honey harvest which we hope to complete together mid-November.

We had a meeting to discuss lots of things we need to decide on but most interestingly future training and workshop sessions so we all become more confident in what we are doing, especially while there is little to do with the hives over the winter.  We hope to be putting on some talks and other training at times and dates to suit as many people as possible.  If you were unable to make the meeting, please look out for upcoming dates and feedback any ideas.

Sara and David bravely opening the hives on their own for the first time

 TadGrafters Wood-working Group Update

The Grafters will be meeting next on Weds 13th September from 4-6pm at The Barn. Craig will be making a start on some new projects now that the hedgehog lodges have been distributed.   We always keep the numbers low for safety reasons so if you have not been before or for a while please let us know to expect you.

 Gardening Group update

The gardening group has been very busy in September. We met in the first week of September to do more work in the Tadcaster Primary Academy ‘Pond and Beyond’ wildlife garden before the start of the new term, then later in the month there was a lot of activity at the Quaker Burial Ground to prepare for the sowing of wild flower seed. We have been fortunate to have the advice and assistance of Dan Carne from the Woodmeadow Trust in order to get this completed but it is now done and we are hoping for a beautiful display of wild flowers next year. A lot of hard work also went into clearing the steps and an area of paving at the bottom of the steps which was previously covered by soil and grass.

If you fancy a ride out to see what the Woodmeadow Trust are doing to promote biodiversity on their Three Hagges Wood south of Escrick you would be very welcome.  There’s a café next door too!

Our application to the Woodland Trust for native hedge saplings for the Quaker Burial Ground has been successful and they will be arriving in November. Prior to then, the area where the hedge will be planted needs to be prepared so the gardening group will be contacted with some suggested dates to do that. If you are not already a member of the gardening group and would like to be involved in future plans please email so you can be kept informed. 

The gardening group have cleared and seeded an area of wildflower meadow at the Quaker Burial Ground

As mentioned in the last newsletter, plans are underway to host our 4th TadApple Day on Sunday 17th October from 10am-3pm at The Barn.  It is a free event to encourage community co-operation and for people to bring along lots of apples to turn into them into juice using a press. If you would like to help out for a couple of hours on the day, it would be appreciated, and good fun too.  Offers of apples and people willing to pick them before the day will be gratefully received on our Tadcrafters Group Chat on Facebook but it would be much better if you talked to friends, neighbours and other members of the community to make arrangements yourself, which is one of the main points of the event! Cooking or desert apples are both fine. If you want to take some apple juice home you will need to bring an empty bottle or two. Links to information about how to treat apple juice to make it last longer (or turn it into cider) can be found on our website.


 Sherburn Crafters Update

The first drop-in workshop session to be held at the Old Girls School went really well with plenty of people turning up who were really keen to come again. The next Sherburn sessions will be at the Old Girls’ School from 11am to 1pm on Fridays: October 22nd, November 26th and December 17th

 Community Interest Company news

Thank you to Mayor Steve Cobb for unveiling the Community Patchwork at the Super SaTADay event.  It was great to see so many people coming to see it and hear the lovely comments from everyone.  The patchwork is made up of 170 patches representing people, organisations and places associated with Tadcaster and the surrounding district during 2020/1.  It is now installed at The Barn where you are welcome to see it whenever the room isn’t in use.

Tadcrafters volunteers have been given a certificate of recognition from Selby District Council of their outstanding support for their local community during the challenges of 2020. If you recall, we made thousands of facemasks, uniform wash bags and scrubs uniforms  to support our local community during the pandemic. Thank you to whoever nominated us and to SDC

List of Current TadCrafters projects 

We welcome anyone new who would like to join us but ask you to please stick to our current projects as other items can be hard to find homes for. We need to focus on a few projects at a time so we can support everyone, maintain our standards and supply items that are wanted by worthy causes, in appropriate quantities.  We are able to supply materials locally for free and instructions are provided by email or the links provided below; if you need help, please ask!

Sewing– supplied in kit form at the drop-off sessions

  • Christmas stockings for families that will struggle this Christmas
  • Worry Monsters for Children’s Services and local schools
  • Drawstring book bags for the Banana box toy project
  • Personal effects bags for hospice patients and bereaved families
  • YorKits liners, shields and drawstring bags for feminine hygiene kits
  • Heart-shaped cushions and drain bags for breast surgery patients

Knitting/crochet– yarn available at the drop-off sessions

  • Little knitted Christmas stockings and chocolate orange covers or other tombola prizes. Deadline November drop-in.
  • Shawls or matching hat/scarf sets for Christmas projects.  Deadline November drop-in.
  • Poppies for the British Legion poppy appeal.  Deadline October drop-in sessions or direct to collection boxes after then.

Other projects

  • If you can’t knit or sew there are non-sewing tasks such as threading drawstrings and decorating twiddlemuffs that are really useful to the team, please ask.
  • Picking-up/dropping-off supplies for people who are unable to make the sessions. Team up with someone who cannot drive or has other commitments on session days.
  • Join our wood-work, gardening, or bee-keeping groups.

Wish list and other ways to help

We are really short of storage space so please try to stick as close as possible to our wish list.

  • New or clean, nearly new polyester/cotton or other lightweight woven fabric
  • New or clean, nearly new winceyette (brushed cotton) sheets/fabric
  • New or nearly new knitting yarn. Any colour or weight
  • Items, especially hand-crafted ones, suitable for our tombola stalls
  •  “Gently worn” bras and new pants for “Smalls for All”
  • Please share our social media posts and encourage others to join in.
  • If you would like to make a financial donation/direct debit to help us do what we do you can do so on the Local Giving website which can be found at:
  • Sign up to Easyfundraising to raise money for us at no extra cost to you when you shop online,
  • Vintage fabric, equipment and haberdashery (see below)
  • Any items not suitable or surplus to our own use we sell to people who really appreciate them, whilst also raising funds for our projects.

Keep in touch

If you need to get in touch with us, and need a response, please use email. This is to protect your personal details and because conversations on social media become lost. Someone will get back to you but it might not be straight away due to other commitments. The Tadcrafters Chat Group/Sherburn Tadcrafters Chat Group is a great way to keep in touch with each other and be inspired. You can also follow the Tadcrafters Page on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@Tadcrafters). 

To be put on the emailing list (wherever you live) please request it by emailing  and add us to your list of contacts so we don’t end up in the junk. There are usually only one or two emails a month.

If you would like to be kept up to date about any of the specific group activities please email us and ask to be put on the relevant group mailing list and your email will be forwarded to the group leader.

See you soon, Su.

Directors Tadcrafters CIC: Su Morgan, Lynne Howard and Sandra Levitt


Tues 12th OctDrop-in workshop session10am- 3pmThe Barn
Weds 13th OctTadGrafters4-6pmThe Barn
Sun 17th OctTadApple Day10am-3pmThe Barn
Fri Oct 22ndSherburn Crafters11-1pmSherburn Old Girls School
Sat Oct 30thYorkits workshop10am-12pmManor Academy, Poppleton
Tues 9th NovDrop-in workshop session10am- 3pmThe Barn
Weds 10th NovTadGrafters4-6pmThe Barn
Fri 26th NovSherburn Crafters11-1pmSherburn Old Girls School
Sun 28th NovTombola Stall10am – 4pmTadcaster Christmas Market, Kirkgate
Tues 14th DecDrop-in workshop session10am- 3pmThe Barn
Weds 15th DecTadGrafters4-6pmThe Barn
Fri 17th DecSherburn Crafters11-1pmSherburn Old Girls School
Tues 11th JanDrop-in workshop session10am- 3pmThe Barn
Weds 12th JanTadGrafters4-6pmThe Barn
Sat 29th JanYorkits workshop10am-12pmManor Academy, Poppleton