Well, what a difference a month makes! We hope that you are all managing to look after yourselves and are coping with all the changes that have happened in the last few weeks. Hopefully the information in this newsletter will be useful to you and you can continue to enjoy making things.



It has been a quiet month for activities and donations because of the restrictions on movement and because the organisations we donate our goods to do not want any deliveries due to the risk of infection, but he’s a summary.

Since the last newsletter we have:
• Donated 4 patchwork quilts, 4 knitted blankets, 4 children’s hats, 1 scarf and 3 knitted toys to HomeStart York
• Started an Instagram feed
• Supported YorKits workshops in York Minster
• Donated 55 Heart cushions and 58 drain bags to St. James Hospital, Leeds
• Had an interview on live radio with Paul Richards at Tempo FM, Wetherby
• Drop-in session
• Donated at least another 26 knitted daffodils for the Marie Curie Daffodil Appeal
• Linked up with the newly created Tadcaster Community Action Group
• Donated 26 personal effects bags to St. Leonard’s Hospice
• Donated 1 hedgehog lodge and 1 bug hotel donated to Little Land
• Been awarded “runner up” in the Social and Environmental Business of the Year Category in the Selby District Business Awards
• Launched a supplies service

The next drop-in session is due to be on Tuesday 12th May and the next TadGrafters session is due to be Wednesday 13th May.
The arrangements will be confirmed in the next newsletter at the beginning of May.

The Sherburn drop-in sessions have been postponed until after the summer. New dates will be confirmed nearer the time.


Adaptations and Changes due to Covid-19 Virus

As you might imagine all of our face to face activities for the next few weeks have been cancelled, postponed or to be confirmed. Please see the calendar for a summary. We do, however, have a plan to allow you to continue to make things at home.

First of all, stay safe. There’s lots of help available for you whilst you are having to stay at home. Please make good use of it and do not put yourself or other people at risk by going out unnecessarily.
Tadcaster Community Action Group. The fantastic people involved with organising the relief effort after the floods have put their experience and skills to use once again to support the community in the Tadcaster (and surrounding villages) area. In partnership with the town council and other local organisations they are co-ordinating requests for help and a list of volunteers who are willing to do shopping trips and pick up medicines etc for people need them. They have set up a local helpline number 01937 326010 manned by volunteers from our community who can provide information or just someone to talk to. They have also produced a leaflet with lots of local information and sources of help which you may have already seen.
Stay connected. Many people have recently discovered the benefits of new technology that they thought they would never try. Speaking to someone via video link can make a tremendous difference to people experiencing extended lengths of time in isolation. If you know someone who needs a hand to be able to do this, direct them towards this guidance from the BBC https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-51968122


Carry on Crafting

As you probably know, at Tadcrafters, it is usual for us give out supplies to people (for free) so that they can join in our projects and return the things they make for us to distribute to worthy causes. If you decide that you want to keep what you have made or want supplies for your own projects we’re happy with that but we would appreciate a donation, at some point. Because of the risk of infection we are unable to donate our finished items at the moment. Please hang on to what you make for the time being.  Here’s some work in progress:


At the moment, to be able to include lots of new Tadcrafters volunteers, we are focusing on twiddlemuffs, snufflemats, bags and patchwork. I’ll be planning on sharing more information about the Tadcaster community patchwork project soon. (If you can think of a snappy name for it please let me know!) Please see the information  on the “Projects and Supplies” page of the website and email your request using the order form (people who don’t have email can phone the local helpline number above). Use the extra time you currently have to make the most of your skills.

Selby District Business Awards

Unfortunately, the Selby District Business Awards ceremony had to be cancelled but we are delighted to say that we were awarded “Runner-Up” in the Social and Environmental Business of the year. This is quite an achievement considering how small an organisation we are. Well done to you all for making it possible.

We were also shortlisted in The Yorkshire Women Volunteer Awards which have now been postponed until 25th September so it will be quite some time before we find out how we do there.


Thank you

We had our busiest drop-in session so far in March. There were some fantastic things made and donated for the VE Day commemorations stall. They’re going to look really great when we can show them off. Thanks to everyone who made things in the session or brought what they had made and other donations in for our projects including: Barbara, Anne, Wendy, Marian, Isabel, Sara, Valerie, Sandra, Sue, Chris, Shirley, Doreen, Wendy, Linda, Diane, Eunice, Jane, Nina, Sandra, Jill Sharon and Alison. Apologies to anyone I have inadvertently missed off.

With the exception of the personal effects bags, everything already donated is being held  until our worthy causes are ready to accept deliveries again.

We received a lovely card from St. James’ Hospital in Leeds:
I would like to extend to you a huge and Heart-felt thank you from myself, the breast unit and our patients, for the generous donations of drain bags and heart cushions. They really do improve the quality of life for our patients and they are so grateful. Often they specifically mention gifts in thank you cards and letters, so it is clear they really appreciate them. Many Thanks, Rachel Craig, Senior Sister, The Breast Unit JL3. X



We Celebrated International Women’s Day at the Yorkits workshops in the Minster on 5th March with approximately 200 people attending the workshops. Lynne, Sandra and I were part of the supervising team again and all went pretty smoothly producing over 50 completed kits just on the day (representing around 7,500 extra days of school for the girls that receive the kits). If you’d like to see a video of the day: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5G14wFvUhv8

You may remember that we recently sent out some YorKits to India. We have just been informed that they did mange to get to Kolkata but the volunteer who took them had to leave after only 6 days.
The kits were passed to Hope Hospital for distribution by the Nightwatch Team who have had further training thanks to the Hospital’s Manager. Some kits were also sent to a very poor village 3 hours to the north of Kolkata. The people in the village are so poor they cut up their only sari to make their own kits.
They were all very happy with the quality and individuality of the kits.
India is on shutdown now and we don’t know who is supporting the street people. Hope Hospital will do their best.

Wetherby Radio- TempoFM.


On 9th March I visited the TempoFM studio in Wetherby to have a chat with Paul Richards and report on the YorKits event. Unfortunately the radio station has now had to stop broadcasting for a while but we look forward to hearing from them again very soon.

Future events and projects

Sadly the Tadcaster VE75 Commemorations have been postponed until 2021. Please keep making all the lovely things you’ve been creating for the stall. They will come in very useful when we celebrate.

All the tables for the TadCrafters Market were booked but we have decided to postpone the event until Saturday October 24th. Please make a note in your diary and if you know anyone who loves a bargain, collects vintage haberdashery, or is on the look out for some cheap fabric to practice making clothes, cushions or curtains, make sure you tell them too. We rely on your support to publicise this event which will help to fund what we do so please encourage people to come along.


List of Current projects


As you know, we pride ourselves on the high quality of the items we donate. We are able to supply certain materials for you but are focusing on a few projects so we can support people new to Tadcrafters to maintain our standards. If you need help, please ask.

Please stick to our projects if you are making at home as other items can be hard to find homes for. NB we will not be making facemasks. Hospitals do not want them and they are not sufficiently effective without the appropriate fabrics.


• Personal effects bags for St. Leonard’s Hospice. Please email for instructions
• Tote Bags for York Teaching Hospital Charity. Please email for instructions
• Patchwork. Learn how to make patchwork from clothes you no longer need, or maybe you could use clothes that are special to you for some reason and you’d like to make a keepsake. Please email for instructions or have a look at all the different types you could do on the internet. There are lots of guides on line but this is quite an informative way to start: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h94sXqEqt4E&t=12s
• Tadcaster Community Patchwork. We want to create a community wall hanging that reflects all the different people in our community. Everyone can design and create their own 15cm/6” square with an image that represents themselves; this could be either a symbol (eg a football) or an image (eg a ballet dancer) and should include your name. Email for an instruction sheet.



• Twiddlemuffs for people with dementia. https://www.rdehospital.nhs.uk/docs/trust/pr/2015/Twiddlemuffs_Instructions_24-01-15.pdf
• Cot-sized blankets for HomeStart York- supporting young families.
• To learn how to crochet we recommend Bella Coco on YouTube where you can follow the instructions, stopping and starting at your own pace. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npIsh-o9AM0



We are unable to supply materials for making at home. We will be sharing ideas of things to make on our Facebook page. Please share your own ideas on our Facebook group too.

Thanks to the TadGrafters, Mal the hedgehog has moved into his new detached hedgehog lodge residence situated in the prime location of Little Land, just outside Tadcaster. Nearby is also the newly created bug hotel with lots of holiday makers expected over the next few months.



Tombola: We are always on the look-out for suitable tombola prizes, especially crafty ones.
School uniform: we are working in conjunction with Chalk’s at the Grammar School to supply “pre-loved” uniform. We’ll be carrying out minor mending tasks etc and preparing the clothes for “sale”.
• This is a great time to learn a new skill.


Wish list and how to help

We are currently unable to accept donations of fabric/yarn etc. Please hang on to what you’ve got as we will be grateful for them at a later date.

• Please share our social media posts and encourage others to join in.
• If you would like to make a financial donation to help us do what we do you can do so on the Local Giving website which can be found at: https://localgiving.org/tadcrafters
• Sign up to Easyfundraising to raise money for us at no extra cost to you when you shop online, https://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/tadcrafterscic/
• Broken or unwanted beads and costume jewellery for Adorn CIC https://www.facebook.com/adorncic/
• New or clean, nearly new polyester/cotton or other lightweight woven fabric
• New or nearly new knitting yarn. Any colour or weight.
Fleece fabric, or sweatshirts cut into 2.5 x 20cm strips for snufflemats
• Items, especially hand-crafted ones, suitable for our tombola stalls
• “Gently worn” bras and new pants for “Smalls for All” http://smallsforall.org/
Stationery items (pens, pencils, rulers, sharpeners etc) to go to schools in developing countries


Have a Look

For more pictures of the lovely things we make please have a look at the “What we do” page of the Tadcrafters website http://www.tadcrafters.org.uk

For our calendar of events please see below.

To be put on the emailing list (wherever you live) please request it by emailing tadcrafters@outlook.com

See you soon, Su.
Directors Tadcrafters CIC: Su Morgan, Lynne Howard and Sandra Levitt


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