We hope you had a lovely Easter and you are busy making once again with the return to the cooler weather.


Here is a quick summary of the main things we’ve been up to since the last newsletter:

9/4    April drop-in session
9/4    Visit and Meeting at Rural Arts, Thirsk
10/4   9 twiddlemuffs, 17 hats, and a scarf to YTHC, 8 blankets/quilts to Age UK
11/4   15 bags to St. Leonard’s Hospice
11/4   Snufflemats with the Tadcaster Beavers
12/4   Snufflemats with the Tadcaster Beavers
13/4   Hebden Bridge Rag Market
15/4   Directors Meeting
17/4   Meeting with NYCC Stronger Communities
18/4 Meeting with New Manor Farm management
18/4 Disability Action Group Meeting
24/4 U3A Steering group meeting

A busy month once again, mainly all in the one week!

We had two very productive evenings making snufflemats with the Tadcaster Beavers, with at least two children learning to tie knots for the first time. The children, and most of the adults, had a great time and found them surprisingly absorbing to make. We will be taking the mats to the Dogs Trust in Leeds and the RSPCA in York soon.

The trip to the Hebden Bridge Rag Market was exhausting as ever but great fun. We managed to get rid of lots surplus stuff, whilst also raising a bit of money. So many people said to us that they had cupboards full of stuff that they should sell it on a stall we thought “what a great idea, let’s have our own market”. The market will be for craft and art materials only, i.e. fabrics, yarn, haberdashery paper, books, patterns, small tools/equipment etc. It’s for new, used, recycled, and vintage components, not for handcrafted products. This will be a public event to supply items to crafters, rather than a craft fair, on Sunday 3rd May (TBC). If you are interested in having a table (or want to share one with a friend) please get in touch so we can establish what interest there is.

Our daffodils for the Marie Curie Daffodil Appeal were very popular and sold out in many places. The collection boxes in Tadcaster raised £632.60 in total, which is three times what they raised last year. I think we can take some of the credit for that!

We were saddened to hear about the death of the father of a close friend of Tadcrafters recently in St.Leonard’s Hospice. His belongings were returned to the family in one of our bags and so she wanted me to thank you for making them. “I didn’t know you did them but can I just say what a wonderful comfort it was to my sister and I to see them…These little things mean so much.”

The next drop-in session will be on May 14th when we will be continuing to make sewn and knitted bunting for the UCI cycle race in September. We will also be finishing off some of the snufflemats made by the Beavers.

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to our projects, given items they have made or donated materials this month, but especially to…
• Eunice who raised over £45 on her own, everyone else who made daffodils, and to Sara who as well as organising the collections for Marie Curie, made lots of heart cushions and bags for the hospice last month.
• Sandra for making lots of heart cushions, bags and twiddlemuffs as well as helping us at the Hebden Bridge Market.
• Jane, Chris, Eunice, Sue, Anne, Gil and Valerie for their donations and making daffodils, hats, twiddlemuffs, quilts, bags and blankets which have all gone to help people in April.
• Tadcaster Beavers for inviting us to make snufflemats with them and to Sue for chopping up a couple of bin bags worth of fleece strips for them.
• Debbie for sending a short article into “Let’s Knit” magazine which we have been informed will be published shortly.


Current projects


Bunting: for the UCI cycle races in Tadcaster in September. Templates, instructions and fabric available at the drop-in session.
Heart shaped cushions and drain bags for St. James’ Hospital. Templates and fabric available at the drop-in session.
Personal effects bags for St. Leonard’s Hospice. Please email for instructions
Days for Girls: We will be making more kits in future drop-in sessions but the team of people who work at home making the items that go into them are still working hard. Workshops continue once a month in Copmanthorpe. NB the change of May date to the 4th.



• Bunting: Little knitted Jerseys for the UCI cycle races in Tadcaster in September. Please email for a pattern. Yarn available at the drop-in session or to purchase from Simply A Party in Tadcaster or Rose Trading in Scarthingwell.
• Twiddlemuffs for people with dementia. We have collected lots of exciting twiddly bits to add to twiddlemuffs and we have plenty of knitting yarn, just help yourself to the bag on the “out” table at the drop-in session. Some people only like to do the knitting, some only like to do the decorating. Please ask around and team up. Please email for instructions or see https://www.rdehospital.nhs.uk/docs/trust/pr/2015/Twiddlemuffs_Instructions_24-01-15.pdf


Tombola: We are always on the look-out for suitable tombola prizes, especially crafty ones. Any offer to help on the stalls would be gratefully received.
Snufflemats for the Dogs Trust and RSPCA. We use lots of fleece or sweatshirt fabric cut into 2.5cm x 20cm strips.
Wooden Collection boxes loan out to private parties to collect for St Leonard’s Hospice. We need wood, hinges, catches, and people to make and paint them. Please get in touch if you think you or someone you know might be interested.
Bras which are new or “gently worn” for Smalls for All. We are hoping to total 2000 this year.
• Most sewing and knitting projects involve tasks that can be done by people who cannot sew or knit.

Future events and projects

Tombola stalls: We aim to have a stall at Stutton fair on 22nd June and at the UCI event on the 21st September. Offers of prizes and help on the day will be gratefully received as our stall is usually very popular and is important to us to provide funds to help us do what we do.
Tadcrafters Market: Around about this time next year we are planning on holding a market, in Tadcaster, for crafters. If you are interested in having a stall please email tadcrafters@outlook.com for a booking form, but save the items on our wish list for us!
Tadcrafters go forth: In September we be starting our fourth year, can you believe it? Because Tadcrafters volunteers have proved to be so valuable in the community we are hoping to secure funding to be able to start off similar groups across the district. If you know of anyone who would like to form a small group, to join in Tadcrafters projects in their village, please get in touch. We will be running a taster session at Aberford Village Hall 1.15-3.15 on Friday 31st May as a trial run.
Gardening: We already look after a bit of ground above the Ingleby Drive pumping station where we’ll be sowing lots of wildflower seeds soon. We would like to encourage other gardening groups of people who can care for bits of garden around Tadcaster, maybe with edible plants for anyone to help themselves. Edible York have a similar plan. http://www.edibleyork.org.uk/
Bobby Buddies: We will be looking to do these in the next few months for North Yorkshire Police. Details to follow.
TadApple Day: Enjoying the blossom? Keep a look out for the trees that will have apples on them to pick before 12th October.

Other News

U3A are hoping to establish a group in Tadcaster. There are many people who want to take advantage of the activities they can offer but more volunteers are needed to help get this off the ground at a meeting to be held on Tuesday May 7th 10-12 at Manor Farm. U3A is open to people who are retired or semi-retired. More information can be found on http://www.u3a.org.uk


Wish list

Please have a look at our wish list for the items we currently require.
More information about each is on our website or you can email for instructions.
• New or clean, nearly new polyester/cotton or other lightweight woven fabric for bunting, particularly in bold shades of blue, red, black, yellow, white and green or prints.
• New or nearly new knitting yarn. Any colour or weight.
• Fleece fabric, or sweatshirts cut into 2.5 x 20cm strips for snufflemats
• Items, especially hand-crafted ones, suitable for our tombola stalls
• “Gently worn” bras and new pants for “Smalls for All” http://smallsforall.org/
•Sign up to Easyfundraising to raise extra money for us when you shop online, https://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/tadcrafterscic/
• Display our posters and encourage others to join in.
• NB Oxfam shops will take donations of rags/ fabrics that are unsuitable for us as they have their own fabric recycling plant.

For pictures of the lovely things we make please have a look at the “What we do” page of the Tadcrafters website.

To be put on the mailing list (wherever you live) please contact tadcrafters@outlook.com
Join the Tadcrafters facebook page and chat on the facebook group or follow us on Twitter.

You can see the full list of how you can get involved on the “join in” page of our website http://www.tadcrafters.org.uk or come and have a chat with us at a drop-in session to see if you would like to help,

Su Morgan and Lynne Howard,
Directors Tadcrafters CIC


2019 May


Supported by funding from Selby District Council, Tadcaster Town Council and NYCC