Congratulations to you all! In case you haven’t heard, Tadcrafters have won the Yorkshire Post’s Rural Awards Community Group of the Year. All your hard work for worthy causes and contribution to the community has been recognised across Yorkshire, so well done everyone, you really deserve it!

IMG_20181011_231550406Su and Lynne receiving the award from Category Sponsor, Robert E. Fuller

We knew it was going to be a busy Autumn but it has turned out to be even busier than we thought. Here is a quick summary of the main things we’ve been up to in the last month.


1/10 October newsletter published
6/10 Hebden Bridge Rag Sale
7/10 8 heart cushions and 8 drain bags went to St. James’ Hospital
8/10 TEMPT meeting
9/10 October Drop-in Session (including visits from Faye from Marie Curie and Helen from St. Leonard’s Hospice)
11/10 DfG workshop at Bootham School
11/10 Yorkshire Post Rural Awards- Winners of Community Group of the Year
12/10 Interview with Chris Berry from Yorkshire Post
13/10 Featured in the Yorkshire Post as winners of the Award (see above)
13/10 TadApple Day apple pressing
15/10 Installation of Poppy Hangings at RSH with the photographer from the Yorkshire Post
16/10 Featured live on Radio York Breakfast show with Joanita Mussisi
16/10 Poppies installed in Selby Abbey
19/10 TEMPT- creation of video for NYCC awards
20/10 Full page article in the Yorkshire Post
22/10 Bras to Smalls for All
29/10 Days for Girls Kits arrived in Kenya

The next drop-in session will be on November 13th

Thank you

Thanks to everyone who has supported events and projects this month, but especially:
• Sara, Alison and Lynda for helping at TadApple Day and for turning up at 7am to talk to Radio York
• Jane, Doreen and Christine for facing the photographer for the Yorkshire Post
• Christine for the Hats that went to the food bank.
• Deborah, Ann, Jenny, Gil, and Josie for their Twiddlemuffs, Blankets and scarves.
• Deborah and Eunice for the Christmas pudding/Chocolate Orange Hats
• Lynne, Sandra, and Anne for the personal effects bags
• Sue for cutting lots of strips for snufflemats
• Carlee and Julie for the huge pile of DfG liners
• Sandra for hearts and drain bag covers
• “Simply a Party” for a goody bag of haberdashery
• Jane from Out of the Box in Ilkley for the loan of the apple press and being a whizz on ebay for us.
• Pamela for the bags of blankets, hats, scarves, tombola stuff, etc etc.
• Everyone who has been involved in making the heart cushions:

“I had breast surgery at St James two days ago. In hospital everything is so serious and sterile. It was like the sun coming out from behind the clouds when I received one of your heart cushions and drain bags. They’re so well designed and very practical. They’ve kept me very comfortable since my operation. If that were all, they would be an amazing gift, but no… you’ve made them beautiful too. You turned serious into cozy, and sterile into personal.

Thank you, and thank you again.”
We will be making some more cushions and drain bags soon, but the November session will be focused on Christmas Stockings, hats and scarves, and tombola prizes.

TadApple Day

TadApple Day went really smoothly thanks to the help received from Tadcrafters and the loan of presses from Out of the Box Café in Ilkley and from Clive, who put in quite a few hours too. There was a steady flow of people and apple juice all day, and lots of fun. Thank you to every one who came down on the day.



The Poppies have now been installed in Selby Abbey and in the Riley Smith Hall, although we hope to be able to add a few closer to the 11/11 and the Armistice Proms event to be held there. The Yorkshire Post Photographer came along to see us finish the wall hangings off and the pictures went towards a lovely article written by Chris Berry in the 20th October edition. When people look amazed at all these beautiful poppies, make sure you point out to them that they do not just magically appear out of thin air. At a conservative estimate each poppy takes about half an hour to make. We have made around 3500 poppies = 1730 hours = 1 year for a full time worker!


Radio York

When Radio York wanted to do a feature to celebrate Blue Peter’s 60th birthday who did they choose to turn to but Tadcrafters! After politely declining a request to recreate Tracey Island we settled on creating John Noakes’ dubious-looking Ping Pong Ball Cannon with Breakfast Show presenter Joanita Mussisi whilst having breakfast in Su’s kitchen.


Days for Girls

The last lot of kits that we sent off have now arrived in Kenya and have been happily received by their new owners.


Coming up



We will be setting up the tombola for the Tadcaster Christmas Fair at the November drop-in session so any contributions by then would be greatly appreciated. We are particularly keen to have lots of chocolate orange and Ferrero Rocher sized covers as they are really popular. Follow the link in the current projects section or email me for patterns. If you are able to spare half an hour or so to help on the day please put you name on the sheet at the drop-in session or get in touch.


Don’t forget to use Easyfundraising if you are doing your Christmas shopping on line to help raise some funds for us (at no cost to yourself). Details below.


Next Projects

In the run-up to Christmas we are focussing on a couple of festive projects:
• Hats and scarves in whichever pattern you choose, adult or child. These will be donated to either York Hospital, (many patients feel the cold and like hats despite the tropical temperature in there apparently), local food banks, homeless charities, and/or Age UK
• Chocolate oranges or Ferrero Rocher sized novelty covers for the Christmas fair. ,
• Christmas stockings. These will be donated to Leeds Women’s Aid, an independent charity, providing services to women and children affected by Domestic Violence & Abuse, and a few will go on to the Christmas stall.
• St Leonard’s Hospice have asked if we know of anyone who could make attractive collection boxes to your own design that they can loan out to private parties, funerals etc to collect donations (see picture). Please get in touch if you think you might be able to help.
• In the run up to Christmas you might be doing some shopping on line. If you sign up to Easyfundraising you could help us to raise funds for no cost to yourself with every purchase that you make. It’s really easy to do.

Wish list and current projects

Please have a look at our wish list for the items we always require.
Here is a list of current projects. More information about each is on our website or you can email for instructions. You don’t need to come to the drop-in sessions to contribute to our projects so if you would like to join in by making at home or with your friends/club that’s absolutely fine.

Wish List

• New or clean, nearly new polyester, cotton or other lightweight woven fabric
• Fleece fabric, or sweatshirts cut into 2.5 x 20cm strips for snufflemats
• New or nearly new knitting yarn. Any colour or weight.
• “Gently worn” bras and new pants for “Smalls for All”
• Socks and tights (clean) for the Donkey Sanctuary
• Sign up to Easyfundraising to raise extra money for us when you shop online,
• NB Oxfam shops will take donations of rags/ fabrics that are unsuitable for us as they have their own fabric recycling plant.
Current projects
• Hats and scarves for adults or children (any pattern, e mail for an easy pattern)
• Novelty “hats” for the tombola
Adult hat:
Baby pudding hat, pudding, elf hat and tree Chocolate orange covers and Ferrero Rocher sized chocolates cover:
Innocent smoothie “hats”:
• Twiddlemuffs (for people with dementia) Please email for instructions or see


• Christmas Stockings. Template and fabric available at the drop-in session.
• Days for Girls (washable feminine hygiene kits for so girls in developing countries can go to school) Please email for instructions.
• Personal effects bags (for St. Leonard’s Hospice).
• Heart shaped cushions and drain bags (For the breast surgery ward at St. James Hospital). Template and fabric available at the drop-in session.
• Snufflemats (For the Dogs Trust). • Fleece, or sweatshirt fabric cut into 2.5cm x 20cm strips
For pictures of the lovely things we make please have a look at the “What we do” page of the Tadcrafters website. You can see the full list of how you can get involved on the “join in” page.

To be put on the mailing list (wherever you live) please contact
Join the Tadcrafters facebook page and chat on the facebook group or follow us on Twitter.

Su Morgan and Lynne Howard, Directors Tadcrafters CIC



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* If you don’t wish to join in the activity you can bring your own materials and equipment.
# Please contact Days for Girls York for messages about sessions


Supported by funding from Selby District Council CEF and NYCC

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