Hi everyone,

We seemed to get back to whatever normal is for Tadcrafters in March.  There was a humungous pile of knitting yarn which was significantly reduced during the drop-in session so we look forward to it all coming back in as blankets, scarves and twiddlemuffs etc in April! Thanks to Janice for starting the pile blankets off and to Edna and Doreen for the gorgeous donkeys who will go to the donkey sanctuary to raise funds for there.

During the drop-in session we made a start on the heart cushions that will go to the breast surgery ward at St. James’ Hospital, Leeds. You are welcome to make some at home, just ask us for a template and an instruction sheet.  We would prefer it if the cushions are made with our stuffing so just finish them off (or let us do it for you) at the drop-in session.


The April drop-in session will be Tuesday 10th at the Social Club 10-4.


Cake and a Cuppa

Radio York kindly invited us to their Cake and a Cuppa at the Riley-Smith Hall on the 21st. Thank you to everyone who joined us and helped with the first of the 8 Tadcaster poppy wall hangings for Remembrance Day. You’ve made another 195 poppies this month, but keep going! We also managed to make the first few snufflemats which have now been taken for approval to the Dogs Trust who were absolutely delighted with them. We will be working with Tadcaster East Primary Community School to recycle their green sweatshirts when they change to their new purple uniforms in September, and the Smart Dog Company where we recycle offcuts from their fleecy products made for dogs. If you have any old fleecies you want to donate, please chop them up into 2.5cm x 20cm strips.


Snuffle mats allow animals to have stimulating activities and treats. Mental stimulation is just as important as physical exercise; animals such as dogs and cats will be more relaxed if they have worked their brain hard. Giving them a job or a challenge can also help prevent problem behaviours, such as barking from boredom, stealing items to chew and hyperactivity. An instruction sheet is available if you would like to make your own snufflemats or visit https://www.dogstrustdogschool.org.uk


Hebden Bridge Rag Sale

Because people are so generous with donated fabric, and yarn etc we have a bit of a storage issue. Unfortunately we were unable to get a table at the Hebden Bridge Rag Market (on 14th April) but we are hoping to have one at the October market so we can raise some funds from the really good quality items that we can’t use in our projects.  I’d recommend it if you fancy a trip out, and there’s some lovely cafés and shops there too. https://hebdenbridgewi.com/rag-market/



We have been really lucky to receive some funding from the NYCC Stronger Communities Scheme to help us with our less exciting running costs such as room hire.  Sandra and the Social Club have been fantastic by allowing us to host our drop-in sessions there for so long, so we are pleased to be able to support them financially in their transformation and new lease of life.

Councillor Don MacKay has also been able to organise some funding to allow us to buy some more fabric (for the Days for Girls project) and for some really sophisticated brand labels. These seem like quite a luxury but St. Leonard’s Hospice recommended that we have them for the personal effects bags so that people who receive them know where they came from.  I think our amazing team deserve the recognition, and so does Don. Below is a picture of the first “branded” bags that have been made from original hand screen-printed fabric. We could do with a few more bags to go St. Leonard’s Hospice for when the bulk order of labels arrives.



We are very grateful to Phil who has PAT tested all our electrical equipment so that we are all safe and comply with safety regulations.



You may be aware of new legislation regarding data protection.  We will be contacting everyone on our mailing list soon to check if you still want to be kept informed of what we are up to by email.  Please respond to the email if you want to remain on our list. If not, thank you for your support in the past. The newsletter will continue to be published on our website for you to read there.


Days for Girls

To celebrate our second birthday, Tadcrafters joined forces once again with Days for Girls York during International Women’s Week at York Minster for their big event. We were joined by human rights ambassadors who travel to Africa and Nepal to improve the lives of many women by distributing DfG kits and educating communities about sexual health and to be able to make their own kits. This picture of Issy went into a number of local and national newspapers. Lynne has been busy sewing and Heather has strung over 50 drawstring bags, made from these gorgeous donated fabrics, which will be filled with kits soon.

Collecting your old stuff

In addition to wanting your “gently worn” bras for Smalls for All (we collected 46 this month bringing our overall total to 1327), Lynne is now collecting Socks for Donkeys.  Please donate your unwanted clean socks and tights to protect donkeys in India from sunburn on their ears and to support dressings on their legs and feet.

Wish list and current projects

Here is a list of current projects.  More information about each is on our website. You don’t need to come to the drop-in sessions to contribute to our projects so if you would like to join in by making at home or with your friends/club that’s absolutely fine.



  • Twiddlemuffs Donated to York Hospital and other care homes or individuals with dementia. Follow the link for a pattern.

http://www.rdehospital.nhs.uk/docs/trust/pr/2015/Twiddlemuffs_Instructions_24-01-15.pdf, http://www.sath.nhs.uk/twiddlemuffs/HowTo.aspx

  • Poppies for Tadcaster. We will be making at least 8 wall hangings to be displayed in the Riley Smith Hall as part of the WW1 commemorations in November
  • Blankets/scarves/shrugs/hats for Age concern/York hospital e.g. to keep patients warm when they are transported home after arriving only in night clothes. There’s no specific size or pattern.


  • Days for Girls You will need to attend a session to be given materials and templates etc but you can work at home afterwards to support. More information about how the kits help girls in developing countries attend school every week of the month, and the international Days for Girls organisation visit daysforgirls.org . The York branch of Days for Girls also run sessions. These are usually on Saturday mornings 9.30am-12pm. To confirm details contact the organiser, Issy Sanderson on her new email daysforgirlsyork2018@gmail.com
  • Hand sewing twiddlemuffs from the little jumpers from the knitted bunting
  • Personal effects bags (email for instructions) These are used to give grieving relatives their loved-one’s belongings, as an alternative to an impersonal plastic carrier bag. We regularly give bags to St. Leonard’s Hospice.
  • Heart shaped cushions for the breast care unit at St. James’ Hospital. Email for instructions, use soft, new stuffing (or ours).



For pictures of the lovely things we make please have a look at the “What we do” page of the Tadcrafters website. You can see the full list of how you can get involved on the “join in” page. www.tadcrafters.org.uk

To be put on the mailing list (wherever you live) please contact tadcrafters@outlook.com

Join the Tadcrafters facebook page and chat on the facebook group or follow us on Twitter for more information.


Su Morgan and Lynne Howard, Directors Tadcrafters CIC


Date Event Time Location
Tues 10th Apr Drop-in session 10am- 4pm Social Club
Sat 14th Apr Days for Girls 9.30-12.00 All Saints Hall, Upper Poppleton
Tues 8th May Drop-in session 10am- 4pm Social Club
Sat  12th May Days for Girls 9.30-12.00 All Saints Hall, Upper Poppleton
Sat 9th Jun Days for Girls 9.30-12.00 All Saints Hall, Upper Poppleton
Tues 12th June Drop-in session 10am- 4pm Social Club
Sat7th-14th July Tad Arts Festival Various Various
Tues 10th July Drop-in session 10am- 4pm Social Club
Sat 14th Jul Days for Girls 9.30-12.00 All Saints Hall, Upper Poppleton
Sat 22nd July Tadcaster Carnival tbc Magnets sports club
Sat 11th Aug Days for Girls 9.30-12.00 All Saints Hall, Upper Poppleton
Tues 14th August Drop-in session 10am- 4pm Social Club

# Please contact daysforgirlsyork2018@gmail.com if you wish to attend DfG sessions in case of a change of plan (NB this address has changed).



Supported by funding from

Selby District Council Community Engagement Forum and NYCC