Happy New Year everyone,

We hope you all have had an enjoyable Christmas and are looking forward to another eventful year of activities with Tadcrafters.


What we’ve been up to

2017 was an amazing year for us, with so many highlights including the lantern parade for the bridge opening ceremony, the Tour De Yorkshire and TadApple Day to name but a few. Thank you to everyone who has been involved in making it so special whether you have helped to publicise our activities, donated anything, voted for us, made anything for us or supported us in one of the many other ways possible.  We couldn’t have done it without you.  If you feel you have benefitted by being involved, that’s great too.


Lynne and I have been keeping a list of the main things we’ve been doing in 2017 (not everything by any stretch of the imagination) to help us understand why we have been so busy.  If you are interested in a readable copy send us an email. This is a screen shot of the A4 pages to give you some idea of how long the list is:



The end of the year started with a flurry of activity with a stall at St. James’ Hospital and one at the Christmas Market in Tadcaster. We did so well we completely sold out and had to go home early. Thanks to Diane, Anne D, Lynda, Sandras H and L for manning the stall, and Coleen and Pauline in particular for their boxes of donated items.


Our tree at the Methodist’s Christmas tree festival looked lovely thanks to all the many different decorations Tadcrafters made and we also managed to “fill” 24 boxes for TAdvent to promote the businesses in Tadcaster.  Special thanks must go to Sara for distributing the boxes and the entry forms and to Anne D for making the knitted nativity scene complete with Mary, Joseph, Jesus, wise men, shepherds, sheep and donkey! Jericho from Radio York came back to Tadcaster for an interview (at ridiculous o’clock on the morning of 27th December) especially to see it. Entries for TAdvent can still be made until Friday 5th January.



Talking of Radio York, Tadcrafters managed to donate at least 101 scarves for the Knit for North Yorkshire Appeal and helped them to smash their 1000 scarves target. The scarves were donated to Age UK and food banks for distribution. Well done to everyone who was able to contribute, in particular to Adele who donated 5 bin bags of excellent quality yarn for Tadcrafters to use.


We also managed to donate 10 personal effects bags and 52 of Sue’s “charms” to St. Leonard’s Hospice, 16 Twiddlemuffs to York Hospital, 6 Twiddlemuffs to Trenewydd Care home in Brecon, 50 Christmas Angels to York Hospital, and 12 baby hats to Scarborough Hospital (thanks Angela).



For pictures of these lovely things please have a look at the updated “What we do” page of the Tadcrafters website. www.tadcrafters.org.uk



Days for Girls

Workshop dates and venues for 2018 will be circulated soon.  If you would like to be put on the mailing list for Days for Girls in York please contact Issy Sanderson (see address below). We will be supporting the International Women’s Day event again at York Minster on 8th March.  You are all welcome to take part; you will need to register nearer the time.


Workers Educational Association (WEA)

As many of you will be aware, I (Su) have a new job working in adult education.  I am establishing new classes in Tadcaster and elsewhere in Selby District with some fabulous tutors. The first courses in Family History and Tudor York start at the end of January and are now available for enrolment on the WEA website (www.wea.org.uk) and I will be adding new courses all the time.  In February I will be running a day class to help people brush up their machine sewing skills and learn how to make a Days for Girls kit in time for the event at the Minster. Please ask me for details if you are interested. I will share the date and time etc when confirmed.



We don’t have any stalls planned in the near future but if you have any unwanted Christmas presents you would like to donate we would be happy to have them for future stalls.



Have you signed up to support Tadcrafters CIC with easyfundraising yet? It’s a really easy way to raise extra money for us, without costing you a penny! There are over 3,100 shops and sites where you can collect donations for us.




Membership numbers and email forms

There is no joining fee and no obligation to contribute anything but if you haven’t already filled in a membership form it would help us to keep track of our lovely supporters. Please email for a membership form or fill one in at the drop-in session.  If you would like to be put on the mailing list please email and say so.  There’s also a facebook group or you can follow the facebook page or twitter to keep up to date with what’s going on.


Different types of projects for 2018

We would like to encourage participation in a wider range of projects possibly using different sets of skills and hopefully get more men to get involved in the community. Perhaps you know someone who loves mending bikes or likes tinkering with electronics? There’s also plenty of rough bits of land around and gardens that people are unable to care for any more that would benefit from a spruce-up. If you have an idea of who might benefit from new sorts of activity please ask them to get in touch.

Next Projects

If you would like to develop a new activity or get involved in any of the current activities please don’t wait to be asked. You can do as much or as little as you like.

  •  Lantern Making for the Festival of Light parade on 18th February 2018. We are hoping to receive funding from the CEF to enable us to run workshops like we did last year for the bridge re-opening ceremony lantern parade. There will be plenty of opportunities for everyone to make lanterns or support workshops for other community groups to make lanterns.
  • Bunting for end of WW1 centenary: We’ll be looking for donations of all shades of red, white and blue sheets and lightweight poly/cottons.
  • Heart-shaped cushions and drain bags for the Breast unit at St. James’ Hospital, Leeds. Pretty polyester/cotton fabrics and new wadding/cushions required.


Wish list and current projects

Here is a list of current projects and where to get more information about them or patterns. You don’t need to come to the drop-in sessions to contribute to our projects so if you would like to join in by making at home or with your friends/club that’s absolutely fine.



  • Twiddlemuffs Donated to York Hospital and other care homes or individuals with dementia. Follow the link for a pattern.

http://www.rdehospital.nhs.uk/docs/trust/pr/2015/Twiddlemuffs_Instructions_24-01-15.pdf, http://www.sath.nhs.uk/twiddlemuffs/HowTo.aspx

  • Poppies for Selby Abbey (email for a pattern) The poppies will be attached to cargo netting and placed over the Abbey in 2018 to commemorate the end of the centenary of the end of the conflict.


  • Days for Girls You will need to attend a session to be given materials and templates etc but you can work at home afterwards to support. More information about how the kits help girls in developing countries attend school every week of the month, and the international Days for Girls organisation visit daysforgirls.org. The York branch of Days for Girls also run sessions. These are usually on Saturday mornings 9.30am-12pm. To confirm details contact the organiser, Issy Sanderson issyarts2@gmail.com.
  • Hand sewing twiddlemuffs from the little jumpers from the knitted bunting
  • Personal effects bags (email for instructions) These are used to give grieving relatives their loved-one’s belongings, as an alternative to an impersonal plastic carrier bag. We regularly give bags to St. Leonard’s Hospice and York Hospital.



  • Please see the full list of how you can get involved on the “join in” page of our website
  • If you would like to develop a new activity or get involved in any of the current activities please don’t wait to be asked. You can do as much or as little as you like.
  • To be put on the mailing list or would like to join in the Tadcrafters activities (wherever you live) please contact tadcrafters@outlook.com
  • Join the Tadcrafters facebook page and chat on the facebook group or follow us on Twitter for more information.


Su Morgan and Lynne Howard, Directors Tadcrafters CIC

Date Event Time Location
Tuesday 9th January Drop-in session 10am- 4pm Social Club
Tuesday 13th February Drop-in session 10am- 4pm Social Club
Saturday 17th February Lantern Workshop tbc Manor Farm
Sunday 18th February Tadcaster Festival of Light  tbc tbc
Thursday 8th March Days for Girls tbc York Minster
Tuesday 13th March Drop-in session 10am- 4pm Social Club

# Please contact Issy Sanderson if you wish to attend DfG sessions on issyarts2@gmail.com





Supported by funding from Selby District Council Community Engagement Forum