Welcome to the summer holiday season.  I hope you are managing to find the time to stay creative, perhaps whilst sitting in the sunshine.

The next drop-in session is Tuesday 11th July from 10am. For more dates please see the calendar.



Last month we started asking people to join our official membership. It’s not a commitment and doesn’t cost anything it’s just to help us get a bit more organised. Please try to fill in a form when you pop in to a drop in session or ask me to email you a form.  Members are able to use Tadcrafters equipment and have access to fabric, yarn, haberdashery, products etc including for personal use (for a donation!).


New Links

Lynne and I have been speaking to lots of people in Tadcaster and York and are making lots of connections with people and organisations in our area. Tadcrafters are becoming well represented and a lot of interest is growing.  One of the most exciting links we have made is to be represented on the newly formed Tadcaster Events Management Project Team (TEMPT) which aims to drive forward a programme of cultural events in the town. We have also been talking to Sally at “I Will Do It” (between Kirgate pharmacy and Room 3) who has some brilliant ideas to improve wellbeing in the community.  She has lots of leaflets and information about a range of services and local groups available just through the door. I have also been investigating the possibility of getting some informal adult education classes in Tadcaster with the WEA and will keep you posted on how that progresses.


Reduce, reuse, recycle

At Tadcrafters we hate to waste anything and like to make the best use of the resources available to use for free (we are Yorkshire after all) so I was delighted to find out that Oxfam shops have their own fabric recycling plant and will collect items that are not suitable to be sold or worn.  Just mark your bags accordngly. There is a “Free stuff in Tadcaster” facebook group with over 200 members where you can advertise your unwanted items to give away and there are also the Community Furniture Stores in York and Selby to buy from/donate to. www.yorkcfs.co.uk



You may have seen the twiddlemuff in the picture, and me, featured on the Tadcrafters case study video from Selby District Council/ Seven Film Productions.  A few Tadcrafters, including Sandra, Bev, Lynne and Jane, are also on the TDY legacy video.  https://vimeo.com/224075728




Thanks to all those who attended the YDH Dementia Appeal Knit and Natter session at the Hospital, including Lynne and Magda. In total 29 Twiddlemuffs have gone off to YDH in the last month. Thanks in particular to Coleen and Janice who have made loads despite not being able to make the drop-in sessions.


Days for Girls

We are still working our way through the pile of donated fabric and Anne’s cut out shields in attempt to make some storage space available.  This is lucky because we are managing to make lots of new links to be able to distribute the kits.


Personal effects bags

Anne H has made some fabulous personal effects bags which will be on their way to St. Leonard’s Hospice shortly. They will be used to give grieving relatives their loved-one’s belongings, as an alternative to an impersonal plastic carrier bag. We have plenty of gorgeous thicker fabric which will be ideal for this task, and we have recently received an overlocker (thank you Jess from Clayfever for that) which will be really useful to finish them off professionally.


Smalls For All

We have collected 63 bras this month for Smalls for All bringing our total so far up to  805 (Thanks to the ladies at Kyra for joining in). Please keep giving us your “gently worn” bras and new pants.



Our stall in Stutton was really well received and helped to raise our profile.  Thank you to Lynne for running that in my absence, also to Jane W, Magda and Bev for helping. Our next stall will be November 24th raising funds for spa treatments for the ladies on the breast O/P department at St. James’ in Leeds. We will also be having a stall at the Tadcaster Christmas market. If you have any suitable tombola items to donate we would be very grateful.  Crafty items are great but anything appropriate (not alcohol/age restricted items) would be fine. Cuddly toys also seem to go down very well if you need to clear out a bit of space before Christmas.


Knitted Knockers

We’re still investigating the making of knitted knockers to give to the St James’ Hospital, Leeds for mastectomy patients (some women prefer them to prostheses) and potentially to breastfeeding councillors.  We have an expert at making these on the team now so I’m really looking forward to seeing the first ones off the production line! Please can anyone else who has been trialling patterns please bring what you have done and feed-back your thoughts to the group at the next drop-in session. Look at information, videos and patterns on https://www.knittedknockers.org/



We are knitting and crocheting poppies for Selby Abbey. The poppies will be attached to cargo netting and placed over the Abbey in 2018 to commemorate the end of the centenary of the end of the conflict.   We’ve been given our own length of fabric to fill!! Patterns available at the drop-in session or by email.


Next Projects

The Apple Day idea seems to have grown legs. I’m currently looking to borrow/hire an apple press so if you know anybody who has one please put them in touch. In the meantime, keep your eyes out for any apple trees in the area that might require relieving of its crop later on.  Talk to your neighbours who might not know what to do with the fruit or would struggle to pick it and leave it to rot and see if they will let you pick it for them.  Alternatively you could persuade someone else to do it for you and pay them in delicious freshly pressed apple juice! Don’t forget to save your plastic bottles to put it in.


Wish list and current projects

Here is a list of current projects and where to get more information about them/ patterns. Not everyone is able to make the drop-in sessions, so if you would like to join in by making at home or with your friends/club that’s absolutely fine.




  • Days for Girls You will need to attend a session to be given materials and templates etc but you can work at home afterwards to support. More information about how the kits help girls in developing countries attend school every week of the month, and the international Days for Girls organisation visit daysforgirls.org. The York branch of Days for Girls also run sessions. These are usually on Saturday mornings 9.30am-12pm. To confirm details contact the organiser, Issy Sanderson issyarts2@gmail.com.
  • Hand sewing twiddlemuffs from the little jumpers from the knitted bunting
  • Personal effects bags (email for a pattern)


  • Cutting out and non-sewing tasks (instructions at the drop-in sessions)
  • Donate crafty items for tombola stalls and other fundraising
  • Collect/donate fabric, yarn and equipment (please see the full list on the “join in” page of the website)
  • Learn to sew/ knit
  • Collect items for donation including bras and new pants. The wearing of underwear is a status symbol for women in many countries, which means they are less prone to be taken advantage of. For more information visit http://www.smallsforall.org/
  • Encourage people to join in, especially people who might like to learn new skills or just want to socialise.
  • Join the “Free Stuff in Tadcaster” facebook group

If you would like to be put on the mailing list or would like to join in the Tadcrafters activities (wherever you live) please contact tadcrafters@outlook.com.  or you can join the Tadcrafters facebook page and chat on the facebook group or follow us on Twitter for more information.

Hope to see you soon- Su

Date Event Time Location
Tuesday 11th July Drop-in session 10am- 8pm* Social Club
Saturday 15th July Days for Girls# 9.30am-12pm All Saints Hall, Upper Poppleton
Tuesday 8th August Drop-in session 10am- 8pm* Social Club
Tuesday 12th September Drop-in session 10am- 8pm* Social Club
Saturday 16th September Days for Girls# 9.30am-12pm All Saints Hall, Upper Poppleton
Tuesday 10th October Drop-in session 10am- 8pm* Social Club
Wednesday 11th October Supporting Days For Girls Event# TBC York Minster
Saturday 11th November Days for Girls# 9.30am-12pm All Saints Hall, Upper Poppleton
Tuesday 14thNovember Drop-in session 10am- 8pm* Social Club
Thursday 22nd Nov Stall 6pm St. James’ Hospital, Leeds
Tuesday 12th December Drop-in session 10am- 8pm* Social Club

*Evening sessions are sometimes quiet but we are keen to make Tadcrafters accessible to people who are busy during the day. If you would like to join a drop-in session after 5pm please contact tadcrafters@outlook.com the day before so that we know to expect you.

# Please contact Issy Sanderson if you wish to attend DfG sessions on issyarts2@gmail.com


Supported by funding from Selby District Council Community Engagement Forum