Welcome to the many people who have joined the group since last month. Our numbers are getting bigger and bigger every month.

What an awesome start to the New Year! The drop in-session this month was in conjunction with Faceless Arts who helped about 60 people learn how to make lanterns on the day and provided know-how and materials to allow a number of guides, brownies, scouts and the youth club how to make them in their own groups. I’m sure we’re all really looking forward to the bridge opening ceremony on Sunday 19th February (NB the change of date). It’s going to look amazing.

If you missed the session you can still make a lantern at the sessions on Sunday 15th at Tad East School 11-5 or on Sunday 21st at the Scout Hut off Firtree Crescent 10-4. More information from charlie@facelessco.com


Tour de Yorkshire

When all the excitement has died down and as we eventually get used to being able to cross to “the other side” easily again, we still have the Tour de Yorkshire to look forward to. Tadcrafters will be making lots of bunting (our speciality of course). We urgently need to collect huge amounts of sheets and fabric of a similar weight ideally in yellow, blue and white. If you can ask your friends and family to join in that would be really great because we are going to need lots and lots. The more we have, the more we can put Tadcaster on the international stage. You don’t need to be able to attend the drop-in sessions to join in, you can make at home with or without your friends too.  We will also require knitting yarn and knitting needles in similar colours, for the knitted bunting being made, and of course people to sew and knit. Contact tadcrafters@outlook.com or bring any donated items to the Social Club on drop-in session.


Twiddlemuffs and baby clothes

Quite a few twiddlemuffs have been given out now.  If you know of anyone in the community who suffers from dementia and might benefit from one please let us know and we can get one to them.  The same also applies to anyone who has a premature or small baby as there are knitted cardigans and hats etc that they might be able to make use of.  We have had a request to make funeral items for babies that unfortunately don’t make it , so we will be investigating suitable patterns etc for future projects if you would like to make any suggestions or recommendations.

Days for Girls

Issy has announced some of the 2017 Days for Girls dates which I have added to the calendar (see below).  These are on Saturday mornings 9.30am-12pm.  To confirm details or for more information contact the organiser, Issy Sanderson issyarts2@gmail.com.  Tadcrafters support the York Days for Girls group to sew washable feminine hygiene products so that girls in developing countries can attend school.  More information about the international charity is available from www.daysforgirls.org

Smalls For All

We have collected another 6 “gently worn” bras this month making a total of 380 bras so far. Please keep collecting from all your friends and colleagues who might have taken advantage of the recent sales to refresh their wardrobe.  The wearing of underwear is a status symbol for women in many countries, which means that your old bras can make women less prone to be taken advantage of or abused. For more information visit http://www.smallsforall.org/


We are still collecting craft items for the drop-in stall which has become very popular.  Items are “sold” for a donation to funds.  We will no doubt be having a tombola at a future date so if you like making items other than  one of the current projects then you can still make a positive contribution to our activities.

Tadcaster Social Club

Once again a HUGE thank you goes to Sandra H at the Social Club for giving Tadcrafters a home and especially for allowing us to host the lantern-making session.  Hopefully we didn’t leave too much of a mess behind.  The Social Club relies on the support of it’s members to be able to run. People need to become members early in the year to be able to make the most of the club’s benefits such as the free hire of the function room. Please could I urge Tadcrafters to become members, or renew their membership, so that we can continue to enjoy the kind hospitality we have received over the last year.  Tadcrafters would not exist if it wasn’t for the enthusiasm and generosity of Sandra and Cliff at the Social Club.


What does the Tadcrafters group mean to you?

If you think you have benefitted in any way from the Tadcrafters group please let everyone know.  Whether you have learned a new skill, made new friends, enjoyed seeing the bunting or just learned what a twiddlemuff is! Please share pictures and messages on the facebook group (rather than the FB page), send me an email or write in the Bunting Book available at drop-in sessions. It’s rewarding for the Tadcrafters to see their hard work being appreciated but also it demonstrates to the people and organisations that fund the group that they are giving to a worthy cause. Thank you.

Wish list and current projects

Here is a list of current projects and where to get more information about them/ patterns. Not everyone is able to make the drop-in sessions, so if you would like to join in by making at home or with your friends/club that’s absolutely fine.



  • Make bunting. Email for information/instruction sheets


  • Donate crafty items for tombola and other fundraising
  • Collect sheets and fabric in yellow, blue and white (any shade) for making bunting
  • Collect knitting yarn in yellow, blue and white (any shade) for making bunting
  • Donate tape suitable for bunting. (50metres of 25mm/1” cotton tape cost around £5.00 including postage from Amazon)
  • Encourage organisations to sponsor a length of bunting by donating money, fabric, yarn or tape
  • Collect/donate knitting needles
  • Learn to sew/ knit
  • Collect items for donation including bras for http://www.smallsforall.org/
  • Plan a demonstration or easy project that you could share with others
  • Contribute your own ideas for what to make or where to donate
  • Advertise the work of Tadcrafters to people who would benefit from donations Encourage people to join in, especially people who work or might like to come to the evening sessions
  • Cutting out and non-sewing tasks (instructions at the drop-in sessions)

Safety: Please ensure that any items intended for children/vulnerable people are safe from sharp edges, choking hazards and have appropriate stuffing, thanks.

If you would like to be put on the mailing list or would like to join in the Tadcrafters activities (wherever you live) please contact tadcrafters@outlook.com.  or you can join the Tadcrafters facebook page and chat on the facebook group for more information

Please make a note of events in your diary from the calendar below,

Hope to see you soon- Su


Supported by funding from Selby District Council Community Engagement Forum


*Evening sessions are sometimes quiet but we are keen to make Tadcrafters accessible to people who maybe at work or otherwise busy during the day. If you would like to join a drop-in session after 5pm please contact tadcrafters@outlook.com the day before so that we know to expect you.

** Please confirm attendance with Issy if attending DfG sessions Issy Sanderson on issyarts2@gmail.com

Date Event Time Location
Saturday 14th January Days for Girls** 9.30am-12pm All Saints Hall, Upper Poppleton
Sunday 15th January Lantern making 11am-5pm Tadcaster East School
Saturday 21st January Lantern making 10am-4pm Scout Hut, Firtree Cres
Tuesday 14th Feb Drop-in session 10am- 8pm* Social Club
Sunday 19th February Bridge opening parade TBC Tadcaster Bridge
Weds 8th March Days for Girls** TBC York Minster
Tuesday 14th March Drop-in session 10am- 8pm* Social Club
Saturday 18th March Days for Girls** 9.30am-12pm All Saints Hall, Upper Poppleton
Saturday 29th April Tour de Yorkshire All day Tadcaster
Saturday 20th May Days for Girls** 9.30am-12pm All Saints Hall, Upper Poppleton
Saturday 15th July Days for Girls** 9.30am-12pm All Saints Hall, Upper Poppleton
Saturday 16th September Days for Girls** 9.30am-12pm All Saints Hall, Upper Poppleton
Saturday 11th November Days for Girls** 9.30am-12pm All Saints Hall, Upper Poppleton