I never cease to be amazed at the enthusiasm of the Tadcrafters and the attendance at the November drop-in session was certainly no exception.  People continued to drift in all morning and by lunchtime there was barely a seat free. We now have more interest in the evening too but have decided to finish a little earlier (8pm) as Sandra and I, who are usually there all day, are crafted out  by then.


Thank you to both Eunice, Anne D and Janice who left bags of knitting this month. We now have lots of twiddlemuffs etc to donate and gorgeous things for the stall. We have, however, managed to sell lots of things in the preview during the drop-in so any more contributions (Christmas tree decorations?) will be very welcome for the stall on November 27th.  Anything left over will be available at the 13th December drop-in session.

I have taken some baby dolls to Highfield Care home where they are settling in nicely with their new (great gran-?) parents. I’ll be taking some more twiddlemitts over there in the next week or so too.  If you know of anyone else in the community who suffers from dementia and would appreciate one please let me know.

Thank you to Eunice, Lynne and everyone who has made or bought remembrance poppies. They have been in big demand and have raised funds for the poppy appeal, including at least £22 which has come to me and I have now passed on to Rodney and Betty who, as most of you may know, run the appeal in Tad.

We had an “emergency” Days for Girls session this month, the emergency being that Issy needed kits to go to the Calais “Jungle” before the residents had to leave, and another 40 kits were required to go out to Gambia and Uganda with volunteers who were going out there at the beginning of November. Over the space of about 2 weeks we managed to hit our target of 40 kits worth of shields (80 shields) but unfortunately we ran out of the brushed cotton so could only provide 30 kits worth of squares (215 squares).  Luckily Issy had a few spares and 42 kits went out. Thanks go to Janes H & W, Sandras H & L, Bev, Lynda, Carla and especially Sue who sewed on most of the 160 press studs. We will be buying more brushed cotton fabric soon. If you would like to attend the York DfG Saturday sessions please contact Issy Sanderson on issyarts2@gmail.com. We will be doing more sessions in the new year.


Lynne is still filling her house with bras to send to Smalls for All.  In the last month she has collected another 26 bras bringing the total to 351.  She also sends (unused) pants.  Dark and smaller pants are also useful for Days for Girls. Keep collecting them and passing them on please.

Please come to visit us and buy lots of stocking fillers at the Christmas Fair on Sunday 27th November. There are lots of lovely crafty things on the tombola too. If you can spare an hour or so I’d really appreciate the company (and probably a hot water bottle) on the stall.  Please let me know. I’ll try to make some more logo bags again before then as they seem to sell quicker than I can make them!

If you’re not totally Chrismassed-out by the December’s drop-in session (13th) feel free to bring in a seasonal project of your own to do but I’m hoping that we will need to make some more bunting in readiness for the bridge opening! We will probably have the January session too (let’s hope not the February one though) but I’m trying to be optimistic!




If you have followed a link to read this you are probably already on our website  Have a good look around the different pages for links to patterns and our wish list of items to donate. If you know of anyone thinking of joining the group or wanting more information this is the best place to direct them.

Wish list

Thanks go as always to Sandra and the Social Club for providing us with a room.  Because of this Tadcrafters have been able to survive on donations and very little money. Please support the Social Club when you can to show your appreciation.

Here is a list of current projects and where to get more information about them/ patterns. Not everyone is able to make the drop-in sessions, so if you would like to join in by making at home or with your friends/club that’s absolutely fine.




  • Make bunting, bags or other items for the stall or “Simply a Party” shelf
  • Anything Christmassy for the Christmas stall


  • Craft items to sell on the shelf or stall
  • Plan a demonstration or easy project that you could share with others
  • Contribute your own ideas for what to make or where to donate
  • Advertise the work of Tadcrafters
  • Encourage people to join in, especially people who work or might like to come to the evening sessions
  • Cutting out and non-sewing tasks (instructions at the drop-in sessions)
  • Collect items for donation including bras for http://www.smallsforall.org/

Safety: Please ensure that any items intended for children are safe from choking hazards and have appropriate stuffing, thanks.

If you would like to be put on the mailing list or would like to join in the Tadcrafters activities (wherever you live) please contact tadcrafters@outlook.com.  or you can join the Tadcrafters facebook page and chat on the facebook group for more information.

Hope to see you soon- Su    


Date Event Time Location
Sunday 27th Nov Christmas Fair Stall 10am-2pm Kirkgate Street Market
Tuesday 13th Dec Drop-in session 10am- 8pm* Social Club
Tuesday 10th Jan Drop-in session 10am- 8pm* Social Club
Tuesday 14th Feb Drop-in session 10am- 8pm* Social Club
Tuesday 1th March Drop-in session 10am- 8pm* Social Club
Weds 8th March Days for Girls TBC York Minster

*Evening sessions are often quiet but we are keen to make Tadcrafters accessible to people who maybe at work or otherwise busy during the day. If you would like to join a drop-in session after 5pm please contact tadcrafters@outlook.com so that we know to expect you.



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