Hi everyone, September already, the kids are all back at school, so it’s a great opportunity to get all the craft stuff out again.

The September drop-in session was really busy all day with lots of people bringing in items for the duck race stall and lots of new ideas.  It was lovely to meet more new members with new skills.  We can now have more people who do patchwork, quilting, beading and paper-crafting (and millions of other crafts including some I’ve never heard of from Bev) in our group.


As ever, we were inundated with lovely things people have made. We had a huge bag of baby clothes from Janet and her elves, including 54 tiny hats, 39 cardigans, 4 pairs of bootees and at least a hundred bonding squares. These will be winging their way to the LGI with Magda very shortly, however I understand that they are inundated with clothes and bonding squares and have requested people to make twiddlemuffs instead as they are desperately in need.

Our first twiddlemuffs (thanks to Gil) went off to Highfield this month with Richard Sweeting.  Both he and the manager are absolutely thrilled to have them and would be delighted if we can provide more.

See the link in current projects for a knitted or crocheted twiddlemuff pattern including some great decoration ideas and guidelines. It also explains what a twiddlemuff is and why they are in demand.


Janet has also made some fabulous slippers (I have my eye on a pair myself) which will be for sale on the stall at the duck race along with all sorts of other lovely things that people have brought in including teddies, tooth fairy pillows (thanks to Anne), more baby clothes, survival bracelets, jewellery (a wide variety thanks to Sandra), bags, covered 2017 diaries, and lots more including, of course, bunting!  (thanks Lynne). Jane has also labelled up loads of crafty goodies for the Tombola which hopefully will be very popular. If you can’t wait that long you can see a small selection on our shelf at Simply A Party. If you still intend donating anything for the stall please let me know, but if you want to wait to donate for the Christmas stall that’s fine.

On Saturday 1st October we are delighted to be hosting a Days for Girls event. On International Women’s day in March this year you may remember that this event attracted around 500 people to sew at the Minster in York. Whilst we expect the session to be busy we hope there won’t be quite that many people turn up! If you intend to come I’d appreciate an email so we have a rough idea of numbers though. If you are able, please bring your sewing machine.  Help is required to cut out, iron, hand sew and all sorts of other jobs so don’t worry if you can’t sew, please still come along. Days for Girls is an incredibly worthwhile charity supporting girls in developing countries in many ways including helping them be able to go to school.  Please see the link for more information on the charity. http://www.daysforgirls.org/

Eunice has been working on some poppies for Remembrance Day (hopefully she will do these at the October session so bring along some red yarn and a little green and black if you have any). If you’d like to have a go I can recommend the easy crochet version here.  Proceeds from any sales of these are to go to appropriate charities.

New Website

We now have a new website www.tadcrafters.org.uk

If you have followed a link to read this you are probably already on it!  Have a good look around the different pages.

Wish list

Thanks to the generosity of Sandra and the Social Club by providing us with a room, Tadcrafters have been able to survive on donations and very little money. Please support  the Social Club when you can to show your appreciation.

With donations so far we have been able to buy some good quality fabric shears and scissors which are invaluable.  The next thing to buy will be an iron. We are hoping to raise some more funds from the stall at the duck race and at the Christmas fair and this money will be put towards other small items of equipment, fabric, wool, haberdashery etc to allow us to continue. If you are able to donate any of these items that would be even better! Have a good look at the wish list on the website on the “Join In” page.

Please encourage people to come along and spend their money on the stall. I’d appreciate some help manning the stall too.

Update from last month

  • So far Lynne has posted off 223 bras to Smalls for All! For more information about the charity or if you think you may have some bras to donate please see the link below.
  • Thank you to Lynda for donating lots of fabric (and providing Sandra and I with a lovely couple of hours surrounded by it all). A good deal of it has already been made into DfG shields, bags, and diary covers, the rest is already earmarked for patchwork kits, syringe driver bags, bunting and anything else I can dream up!
  • Thank you to “The Finished Look” for donating lots of curtaining and upholstery fabric
  • Tadcrafters Community Interest Company is now an officially registered (not for profit) company. We are now able to apply for a grant from the Community Engagement Forum to be able to purchase larger items such as sewing machines so that we can teach people to sew.
  • I have created a “Free Stuff in Tadcaster” facebook group. If you have anything you would like to give away rather than bin, or if you want something that someone might want to get rid of please join.

Current projects

Here is a list of current projects and where to get more information about them/ patterns. Not everyone is able to make the drop-in session, so if you would like to join in by making at home or with your friends/club that’s absolutely fine.



  • Make bunting, bags or other items for the stall or “Simply a Party” shelf
  • Anything Christmassy for the Christmas stall
  • Items for Days for Girls (instructions and patterns available at the next drop-in session or DfG sessions


  • Craft items to sell on the shelf or stall
  • Plan a demonstration or easy project that you could share with others
  • Contribute your own ideas for what to make or where to donate
  • Advertise the work of Tadcrafters
  • Encourage people to join in, especially people who work or might like to come to the evening sessions
  • Cutting out and non-sewing tasks (instructions at the drop-in sessions)
  • Collect items for donation including bras for http://www.smallsforall.org/

Safety: Please ensure that any items intended for children are safe from choking hazards and have appropriate stuffing, thanks.

If you would like to be put on the mailing list or would like to join in the Tadcrafters activities (wherever you live) please contact tadcrafters@outlook.com.  or you can join the Tadcrafters facebook page and chat on the facebook group for more information.

Hope to see you soon- Su



Date Event Time Location
Saturday 24th Sept Duck Race Stall 12-4pm River Bank
Saturday 1st October Days for Girls event 10-12 Social Club
Tuesday 11th October Drop-in session 10am- 9pm* Social Club
Tuesday 8th November Drop-in session 10am- 9pm* Social Club
Sunday 27th November Christmas Fair Stall TBC Street Market
Tuesday 13th December Drop-in session 10am- 9pm* Social Club


*Evening sessions are often quiet but we are keen to make Tadcrafters accessible to people who maybe at work or otherwise busy during the day. If you would like to join the drop-in session after 5.30 please contact tadcrafters@outlook.com so that we know to expect you.