Thank you to everyone who contributed to the bunting for the Queen’s birthday street party, especially Lynne and Anne for making more each than the rest of us put together! Not only has it helped to cheer the place up but it has inspired others to add bunting of their own so that Tadcaster is now a sea of little waving flags.

We had a good turn out again for the June drop in session where we made about 100 little juggling balls (or pattern cutting weights if you watch The Sewing Bee), some wheat bags and a few eye masks for sleeping. These are all intended to be sold on the stall at the duck race in September and/or at the Christmas fair.


Moving forward: Because of the fabulous support and enthusiasm from Tadcrafters I am going to make the group more of a formal organisation, with the possibility of becoming a Community Interest Company sometime in the future. This means that with the support of Ruralis we can apply for funding to be able to buy materials and equipment to support a wider range of people and organisations.

Our Aims:

  • Support people and organisations in the Tadcaster area
  • Promote and share craft skills
  • Develop a social network
  • Support a range of charities and worthy causes

How we plan to achieve our aims:

  • Hold drop in sessions e.g. every second Tuesday of the month at the Social Club
  • Make products to sell to help raise funds to cover the expenses and maintain the group’s activities e.g. postage to send off bras for Smalls for All.
  • Obtain materials and equipment to allow people to try new skills e.g. learn to use a sewing machine
  • Support the creation of new social/craft groups and people making at home
  • Join forces with other organisations e.g. Days for Girls
  • Promote craft skills in local organisations e.g. schools and youth groups
  • Become involved with appropriate community projects and initiatives
  • Use sustainable resources where possible

If you have any further thoughts or ideas I’d be happy to hear them.

Current Projects

Now that Tadcaster is pretty well covered in bunting we have been looking towards supporting other worthy causes.

The knitters have been busy creating bonding squares and clothing for the neonatal ward at the Leeds General Infirmary. Bonding squares are provided to mums whose babies are in a neonatal unit. Each mum is given two squares, one is kept with baby & one is kept on mum’s body, every 12 hours they are swapped. They help mum & baby to bond by smell in cases where they can’t physically touch. These squares are simply any design of knitted squares 5 inches x 5 inches in any colour. For more information or an example pattern see Click here for emilysstar pattern Magda will be taking anything we make when she visits the LGI.

The sewers have been making products to sell on the stalls and preparing for the Days for Girls workshop in August which we are hosting in Tadcaster. Days for Girls supports young women in developing countries by providing safe feminine hygiene supplies.

We are hoping to make (a small amount of) bunting for the stalls and I’m working on a few new product ideas too.

New projects:

In addition to making hygiene kits for Days for Girls, in the next few months I’d like the group to make twiddlemuffs. They’re a knitted muff with items attached so that a person with dementia can twiddle in their hands. People with dementia often have restless hands and like to have something to keep their hands occupied. It provides a wonderful source of visual, tactile and sensory stimulation and at the same time keeping hands snug and warm.  For more information see

If enough people are interested in learning/sharing skills I’m hoping to have sessions focussing on crochet, jewellery making and other crafts. Let me know if you have any craft ideas you’d like to try or have skills to share.

For the future: Please keep on the lookout for good ideas for things to make or new crafts to try.  Bring cuttings and print outs to the sessions and share ideas on the Tadcrafters Facebook group. If you become aware of suitable good quality materials or equipment that could be donated to us please let me know.  In the meantime make a note of the upcoming events from the calendar and keep knitting, sewing or whatever you do.

Date Event Time Location
Thursday 14th July Drop-in session 10am- 9pm Social Club
Tuesday 9th August Drop-in session 10am- 9pm Social Club
Tuesday 13th September Drop-in session 10am- 9pm Social Club
Saturday 24th Sept Duck Race Stall 12-4pm River Bank
Saturday 1st October Days for Girls event 10-12 Social Club
Tuesday 11th October Drop-in session 10am- 9pm Social Club
Tuesday 8th November Drop-in session 10am- 9pm Social Club
Sunday 27th November Christmas Fair Stall TBC Street Market
Tuesday 13th December Drop-in session 10am- 9pm Social Club


Hope to see you at the next drop in session on Thursday 14th July.