Hi everyone, I hope you are all managing to make the most of the summer.

July’s drop-in session was held on a beautiful day in the holiday season (and unusually on a Thursday) so it was unsurprising that it was a little quieter than normal but wonderful to see at least six new people pop in to see what we were up to. We made a start on making products for the Duck race stall and some items from the Days for Girls hygiene kits. Gill brought in the first twiddle-muff (see last month’s newsletter for a pattern link) and Janet brought in loads of little knitted clothes including the cutest “Ugg” boots you’ll ever see. If you fancy having a go: Click here for mariannaslazydaisydays babyhug boots pattern


For the August drop-in session (Tuesday 9th August) I thought it might be a nice idea to focus on crochet as lots of people have mentioned they would like to learn. I’d also like to encourage people to bring in any children they may be looking after during the school holidays (no sewing machines or iron this month to be on the safe side).  They can either learn to crochet too, make pom-poms or do another hand-sewing or crafting project. If you can already crochet please bring in some patterns or ideas of items to crochet, if you are able please can everyone bring in wool and/or crochet hooks. Both are available from Rose Trading in Scarthingwell http://www.rosetrading.co.uk/ (hooks £1.25), or from many charity shops. I’ll make sure there will be a few spares.


I seem to have acquired lots old bras which will be sent off in the next few days.  Thank you very much to everyone who has contributed. If you still have some to donate or you would like to find out more about where they are going to please see http://www.smallsforall.org/

Lynne and I went over to help Issy at The Days for Girls session in Copmanthorpe. We’ve come back with lots of templates and information for making the kits as well as a wish list for donations.  We’re pretty much set up for running the event at Tadcaster on Saturday 1st October and if you would like to attend the session on Saturday 10th September please contact Issy issyarts2@gmail.com. For more details about this very worthwhile cause see http://www.daysforgirls.org/

Tadcrafters has been run entirely on donations so far but we do require a little bit of money to pay for the things we are missing and e.g. postage. If you can remember to donate £1 at each drop-in session (on a voluntary basis) that would really help. I’m in the middle of filling in lots of paperwork so that we can get some funding to be able to buy more expensive equipment (like sewing machines for people to learn on) and materials, but to make this go as far as possible and benefit more people the group really needs your help to donate the following items if you are able:

  • Knitting needles
  • Crochet hooks
  • Wool (especially double knitting)*
  • Sewing machines (in reasonable order and not antique!)
  • Fabric (*please see comment below)
  • Ribbon/cord especially in dark colours
  • Press-studs
  • Buttons and toggles for twiddle-muffs
  • Thread
  • An iron
  • Items for the tombola or to sell at the stalls, especially hand-made craft items
  • Bunting to sell on the stalls, various lengths.

* We have had lots of offers of wool and fabric but unfortunately we do not have lots of storage space so please do not be offended if what you bring is not suitable.

For the Days for Girls project we need fabric in dark or bright pattered designs, ideally including dark red tones.  Images must not include animals, insects or people. Fabric should ideally be 100% cotton flannel but other cottons or polyester/cotton mixes can be used too. Other items that are required include:

  • Small/medium sized ladies pants (new)
  • Flannels (dark coloured, new)
  • Winceyette sheets (any colour, new or used)
  • Waterproof fabric (e.g. top half of used shower curtains)
  • Gallon-sized zip-lock or slider fastened strong polythene bags

As we are so famous for making the bunting around Tadcaster I’m hoping to run a bespoke bunting making service to help raise funds for the group. If you know of anyone who might be interested in buying any please let me know. A minimum order would be for 10m costing £15, not including the cost of the fabric (1m or 4 fat quarters).

If you would like to be put on the mailing list or would like to join in the Tadcrafters activities (wherever you live) please contact tadcrafters@outlook.com.  Links to other projects can be found in earlier newsletters on the Tadcrafters facebook page and on the facebook group.  Please join if you haven’t already. Please “like”, “comment” and “share” because it lets me know people are reading it!

Hope to see you at the next drop in session- Su J


Date Event Time Location
Tuesday 9th August Drop-in session 10am- 9pm Social Club
Saturday 10th September Days for Girls 9.30-12 Methodists Hall, Copmanthorpe
Tuesday 13th September Drop-in session 10am- 9pm Social Club
Saturday 24th Sept Duck Race Stall 12-4pm River Bank
Saturday 1st October Days for Girls event 10-12 Social Club
Tuesday 11th October Drop-in session 10am- 9pm Social Club
Tuesday 8th November Drop-in session 10am- 9pm Social Club
Sunday 27th November Christmas Fair Stall TBC Street Market
Tuesday 13th December Drop-in session 10am- 9pm Social Club